Tackling the significant issues of our time through positive psychology

This program aims to produce high-quality empirical research on the factors that allows humans to flourish and, in so doing, contribute to their community and society at large. The program includes research with a focus on interventions and randomized control trials as well as the use of cutting edge statistical methods applied to large-scale longitudinal or cross-country survey data. A major focus is on adolescence and development in context with a particular focus on education. The development of new statistical approaches to better address questions of human flourishing is also a major aim of the program.

Program Leader

  • Associate Professor Theresa Dicke (Acting Deputy Director)

Deputy Program Leader

  • Dr Baljinder Sahdra - Senior Lecturer

Research Team

  • Professor Herb Marsh - Professor
  • Professor Phil Parker - Professor and Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor Research Impact and Engagement
  • Professor Joseph Ciarrochi - Professor
  • Professor Reinhard Pekrun - Professorial Fellow
  • Associate Professor Jiesi Guo - Senior Research Fellow and IPPE HDR Coordinator
  • Dr Geetanjali Basarkod - Research Fellow
  • Dr Eyal Karin - Research Manager
  • Sioau-Mai See - Research Project Officer

Research Program Coordinator

  • Dr HeeRa Ko

Our research streams

Indigenous Game Changers

IGC's purpose is to enable Indigenous children, youth and communities to, not just succeed, but thrive.

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Educational & Developmental Psychology

This research steam explores the factors that allow humans to flourish and to contribute to their community and society.

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Motivation & Behaviour

This program focuses focused on understanding human motivation and behaviour for the promotion of human wellness.

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