Researchers at ILSTE were engaged to undertake a review of the NAPLAN Writing Assessment with the aim of looking at the skills, and breadth of text types, that are being assessed through NAPLAN Writing, with specific focus on the alignment with the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) Assessment Framework, the Australian Curriculum: English, General Capabilities and the Literacy Learning Progressions. An online survey was developed to explore the documented concerns relating to the NAPLAN writing assessment for the targeted sample, the Marking Quality Team (MQT). In addition to the survey, the MQT participated in 1:1 interview with targeted questions relating to the attributes of jurisdictional writing assessment and international large-scale assessments of writing.


  • $50,000 (ACARA Consultancy)



Industry Partners

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

Chief Investigator/s

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

Christine Jackson

Research Papers or Reports

Wyatt-Smith, C., & Jackson, C. (2019). NAPLAN Writing Assessment Review: Exploring what is valued. A report prepared for the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority. Brisbane, QLD.

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