Credit points


Minimum duration

3 years full-time or equivalent part-time.

Approved locations

  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • North Sydney

EFTSL value of units : All 10cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a credit point (cp) value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

Admission requirements

An applicant must comply with the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy

To be eligible for admission to the course, an applicant must have completed the following prerequisites at year 12 level, or equivalent: 

New South Wales

English (Standard) (Band 2) or EAL (Band 3) 


English (3 & 4, C).


Units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in any other English. 

International applicants need to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements as defined in the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy

Disclaimer: The course entry requirements above are for 2024 Admission.

Special admission

Or be admitted under the ACU Guarantee Program


To qualify for the degree, a student must complete 240 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

  1. 50 cp from Specified Business Units (Part A)
  2. 20 cp from Core Curriculum Units (Part B)
  3. 10 cp from Community Engagement Unit (Part C)
  4. 120 cp from Specialisation Units (Part D)
  5. 40 cp consisting of Business electives or electives taken from outside the Faculty of Law and Business (Part E).

Progression requirements

Students are required to follow the pattern of unit enrolment set out in the relevant Course Enrolment Guide, unless otherwise approved by the Course Coordinator. In all aspects of progression through this course, students will be advised by the Course Coordinator.

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Schedule of unit offerings

Complete exactly 50 credit points from the following:

  • BIPX301Professional Experience10 CP
  • BUSN104Money Matters10 CP
  • BUSN112Managing Markets10 CP
  • BUSN113Managing People and Organisations10 CP
  • ITEC100Information Technology in Action10 CP

Complete exactly 20 credit points from the following:

  • UNCC100Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society10 CP
  • PHCC102Being Human10 CP
  • PHCC104Ethics and the Good Life10 CP
  • UNCC300Justice and Change in a Global World10 CP
  • PHCC320The Just Society10 CP

Complete exactly 10 credit points from the following:

  • BIPX202Community Engagement: Building Strengths and Capabilities10 CP

Complete exactly 120 credit points from the following:

  • EMGT201Event Management: Planning a Successful Event10 CP
  • MKTG200Marketing Research10 CP

    Unit has been updated

  • MKTG201Buyer Behaviour10 CP
  • MKTG202Marketing Communications: Engaging Stakeholders10 CP
  • MKTG207Marketing Toolkit10 CP
  • MKTG208Services Marketing10 CP

    Unit has been updated

  • MKTG209Digital Marketing: The Connected Space10 CP
  • MKTG313Strategic Marketing and Planning10 CP
  • MKTG318Social Impact of Marketing10 CP
  • MKTG319Marketing Analytics10 CP

    An updated version of MKTG315 Marketing Analysis: Evidence-Based Decisions

  • MKTG320Creative Branding Strategies10 CP

    New unit

  • STAT207Business Data Analysis10 CP

Complete exactly 40 credit points from the following:

    Consisting of Business electives or electives taken from outside the Faculty of Law and Business, at 200 and 300 level, for which any required prerequisites are met.

    Course map

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    Always check your Course Enrolment Guide before you finalise your enrolment.

    Course maps are subject to change.

    Commencing Semester 1

    • Specified Business UnitsBUSN104Money Matters

      (Inc: ACCT100, BUSD104)

      10 cp
    • Specified Business UnitsITEC100Information Technology in Action

      (Inc: BUSN111, ITED100)

      10 cp
    • Specified Business UnitsBUSN112Managing Markets

      (Inc: MKTG100, BUSD112)

      10 cp
    • Specified Business UnitsBUSN113Managing People and Organisations

      (Inc: MGMT100, BUSD113)

      10 cp
    • Specialisation unitsMKTG202Marketing Communications: Engaging Stakeholders10 cp
    • Specialisation unitsSTAT207Business Data Analysis

      (Inc: STAT102) 

      10 cp
    • Specialisation unitsMKTG207Marketing Toolkit

      (Inc: MKTG100, MKTD207) 

      10 cp
    • Core Curriculum UnitsCore Curriculum Unit 1See the ACU Core Curriculum page for details 10 cp

    Prerequisites (Pre:) are other units that you must have passed before enrolling in this unit. 

    Incompatibles (Inc:) are units similar to this unit. If you have previously passed an Incompatible unit, you are not able to enrol in this unit.

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