ACU Safety. Support. Network.

ACU has specially trained Safety Support Officers on each campus to support any member of our community who has experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct or domestic and family violence. These officers work closely with our Safeguarding and Student Safety Team.

Our Safety Support Officers will listen to you and approach your disclosure, and any subsequent discussions, with empathy, non-judgement and compassion. Every person who experiences trauma will react and manage the situation differently, and our officers will work with you in a manner that makes you feel most comfortable. They will ensure you can choose how you want to manage your disclosure or formal report and receive the most appropriate adjustments and support services. 

Regardless of how long ago the incident occurred, whether the incident involved a university member or occurred on campus or at home, our officers are here to help and support you.

What a Safety Support Officer does

  • Act as a central point of contact for any member of ACU who seeks support, information, advice, or a response to any form of concerning or inappropriate behaviour, whether on campus or off campus, and whether involving students, staff or members of the public. 
  • Respond with empathy, non-judgement, compassion and understanding.
  • Guide students towards internal and external support services.
  • Provide students with information about ACU reporting options and assist them through the process.
  • Work through what support the student needs to continue with study, regardless of whether the person who perpetrated the sexual misconduct is associated with ACU.
  • Assist and support staff members through a student disclosure.  
  • Check in regularly with the student/staff member.
  • Work closely with our Safeguarding and Student Safety Team to triage disclosures.

Safety Support Officers do not deal with complaints or reports from staff about other staff members. In these circumstances, please contact HR.

Contact your Safety Support Officers

Disclosing sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic and family violence can be a traumatic experience. Please take the time to review our Safety Support Officer profiles to see which one you feel could best support you.

If you do not feel comfortable with the Safety Support Officer you have chosen, you are welcome to change – without any questions asked.

Breanna Achterbosch

Bree is a Lecturer of Nursing and Ally Network member on the Ballarat campus with a clinical background in mental health nursing. She prides herself on her listening skills, ability to empathise and advocate, and ensuring she contributes to a safe university campus for all people. She has extensive experience working with adults with trauma backgrounds and recognises the impact trauma has on a person's life and hopes as a Safety Support Officer to promote a positive culture around seeking support and creating psychologically safe spaces for people to do so.


Fiona Bradley

Fiona is the International Student Adviser on the Ballarat Campus. She has worked at ACU for seven years on both the Ballarat and Melbourne campuses in professional and academic roles. In her previous role as Campus Pastoral Associate (Staff), she broadened her pastoral care skills gained through years of working in palliative and aged care. She is experienced in offering confidential support to staff and students facing a range of challenging situations. Fiona is available on campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room 100.G.08.

T: (03) 5336 5370


Adrian Carr

Adrian is the Student Accommodation Coordinator and joined ACU in October 2023 and his main aim to provide a journey that students can look back on with a smile on their face. Adrian came to ACU following a long work history in the Disability Field in particular managing group homes and respite facilities both in the private and public sector and understands the need to provide safe environments. He has experience in assisting various stakeholders through challenging times and has two teenage daughters so can appreciate the issues faced during this stage of life. Adrian is available Mon-Fri in Room 100.G.06.


Joe Graffeo

Joe is the Orientation Program Coordinator at the Ballarat campus. He is responsible for coordinating a fun, informative and safe Orientation experience for commencing students at ACU . Joe is a compassionate person and is well known for providing students with a great experience. In addition, his previous role was as a Student Life Officer, so he has plenty of experience running events with student associations and clubs and understands the importance of student safety as part of a positive student experience at ACU. You can find him in office 100.G.12.

T: 03 5336 5357

Tanya Kehoe

Tanya Kehoe works as a Campus Pastoral Associate at the Ballarat Campus of ACU for the last 8 years but has had connections with ACU for the last 24 years as a student, lecturer and PHD student. Tanya has also worked as a teacher over many years and currently runs a sheep farm with her husband and seven children.


Kylie Kendrick

Kylie a lecturer in Paramedicine and has held a number of different roles in the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine. Kylie is currently the course coordinator for the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine and is passionate about student support and well being by creating safe and inclusive environments for all. Kylie is also a member of ACU’s Ally Network. Students can pop by for a confidential chat anytime.


James Little

James is a Student Life Officer, and is passionate about supporting inclusive and welcoming environments for individuals to flourish and feel comfortable. He has studied a Bachelor of Sport Management / Bachelor of Business and have previous experience working at the AFL and Disability Sport Australia where he worked to create more inclusive sport programs across Victoria and the Northern Territory. He has also worked as a Residential Advisor and undertaken additional leadership roles whilst studying which has assisted him with practising skills of active listening and problem solving whilst showing empathy towards others. You can find James on Campus in Building 100 or in the Forbes Student Centre.

T: 0475 965 925


Kylie McMahon

Kylie is a physiotherapy lecturer in Ballarat. She joined ACU in 2016 and has also worked on the North Sydney and Strathfield campuses. Kylie is also a member of ACU’s ‘Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Curriculum’ Sub-Committee. 

T: 03 5332 5542

Anne-Marie Yates

Anne-Marie has been a Student Accommodation Officer since 2013. She supports residential students and is also available to the entire student community if they need a confidential chat. Anne-Marie is also a member of the ACU Ally Network.

T: 03 5336 5321

Donna Cook

Donna is the National Manager of the ACU English Language Centre and has over 20 years’ experience teaching in high schools, English language centres, universities in Australia and overseas. Donna is also a member of the ACU Ally Network.

T: 07 3623 7478

Francesca Fernandez

Francesca is a course coordinator and senior lecturer in biomedical science. Francesca has worked in several universities in France and Singapore and loves supporting students. 

T: 07 3861 6114

Richard Galeano

Richard is a lecturer in paramedicine and has spent many years as a peer supporter in ambulance services. Richard loves working at ACU and believes it is because of the wonderful staff and students. Richard is a parent and grandparent, has a passion for helping others, is involved in Community Engagement, the Clemente program as a learning partner and volunteers at a homeless shelter. Richard is fully committed to helping students achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.


Brandi Johnson

Brandi is an Access and Disability Advisor on the Brisbane Campus. She has spent the last 19 years supporting the well-being of students, young people, and families within Australia and overseas. Brandi enjoys camping and getting outdoors with her family. She is a mum to two children with disability and has experience navigating the health care system and the NDIS. Brandi is member of ACU’s ALLY Network and is someone you can confidently talk with.  


Sharni Lavell

Sharni is a long-term university academic and has held a number of student-focused leadership positions. She is currently the Deputy Head of the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine (QLD). Sharni is a Registered Nurse who has worked predominately in Child, Adolescent, and Young People's Health both in Australia and overseas. Sharni is the mother of three young adults and is passionate about student well-being, is a good listener, and is open to a chat.

T: 07 3623 7224

Sandra Leathwick

Sandra (Sandy – she/her) is a lecturer in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, & Paramedicine. Sandra teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Sandra’s research focuses on the experiences of students with diverse characteristics and backgrounds; and her teaching philosophy focuses on inclusive practice. Sandra is a member of the ACU Ally Network and is a Mental Health First Aider. Sandra is the mother of two teenage boys so has insight into the challenges of young people and students at university.

Telephone: 07 3623 7518   |   Email:

Roger Lord

Roger is a senior lecturer (medical sciences) and has been with ACU for 16 years. Roger has worked both in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine and School of Behavioural and Health Sciences. Roger’s teaching focus are units in microbiology, immunology and pharmacology and is an advisor to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Roger has a friendly outgoing personality, is a good listener, and is very approachable.

T: 0736237240


Michelle Miles

Michelle is the International Student Adviser for the Brisbane Campus. Michelle has 15 years’ experience working in student support, including over 10 years at ACU, and can provide support to students on a range of matters. Michelle is also a member of ACU’s Ally Network.

T: 07 3623 7336

Kunle Ola

Kunle is a course coordinator and senior lecturer in law at the Brisbane Campus. He is also the course coordinator for the Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice. He joined ACU in 2012 and has been both a student and staff member.

T: 07 3861 6414

Carmel Turner

Carmel is a lecturer in education, with a focus on literature and literacy, and she is course coordinator for both the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Bachelor of Education (Early childhood and primary). Carmel has been at ACU for 12 years and was formerly a school principal, so she meets with a great many students for various reasons.

T: 07 3623 7264

Peta Harbour

Peta Harbour (she/her) is the Deputy Head of School for Nursing and Paramedicine at the Canberra campus. She has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years. Peta works with students daily, is an ACU Ally network member, and is passionate about creating safe and inclusive environments.


Rebecca Sweett

Rebecca (she/her) has been the Careers Advisor in Canberra since 2017. Prior to this role, she lived internationally for five years, working in various universities. Rebecca is a mum to two young girls, and is passionate about providing support for students. Rebecca has certifications in Mental Health First Aid, Accidental Counselling and as a Crisis Support Volunteer. She can be found on the ground floor of Blackfriars building (Office 300.G.10).

T: (02) 6209 1350


Nicola Tait

Nicola is the Access and Disability Advisor and Senior Community Engagement Officer on the Canberra campus. Nicola has worked at ACU for 5 years and frequently engages with students, members of the community and community organisations in her current roles. Nicola is passionate about creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. Nicola is also a Master of Social Work student.


Monique Watts

Monique is the Accommodation Coordinator for the Canberra campus. Monique is a qualified Mental Health First Aider and also involved with the ACU Ally Network. Monique is also a qualified nutritionist with a major in counselling and is passionate in supporting students who have just moved out of home with healthy lifestyle choices. Monique is currently studying a Master of Business Administration degree, so fully understands the stressors University students may face. She cane be found on Level 2 of the Blackfriars Building, Monday-Friday.

T: 02 6209 1141


Amelia Wheeler

Amelia (she/her) is the course coordinator for the Bachelor of Social Work program at the Canberra campus. Amelia lectures in both the Bachelor and Master of Social Work programs at ACU. Amelia has been a social worker for 12 years and has worked in the fields of domestic and family violence and family law and has also worked with children and young people. Amelia is an ACU Ally Network Member. Amelia is passionate about supporting students and being a listening ear when people are going through challenging times.


Renee Callender

Renee is the Manager of ACUs Medical Centres and is based on the Melbourne Campus, in the Melbourne Medical Centre (The Daniel Mannix Building).
Renee is a Nurse and Manager, and has many years of experience supporting University students on and off campus, with their health, studies and in general.
Renee is part of the Ally Network at ACU, and has mental health first aide experience.

You can ask for Renee at ACU Medical Centre Melbourne front desk.

T: 0436 633 484

Mandy El Ali

Ms Mandy El Ali is a Senior Lecturer based on the Melbourne Campus. She has over 20 years clinical and academic experience and her roles support undergraduate professional experience nationally and postgraduate education.

She is located in the Daniel Mannix Building on Level 4.

T: 03 9230 8119


Tait Forster

Tait is an Events Coordinator on the Melbourne campus. Tait has a caring nature and is passionate about providing students with a great experience at ACU. Formerly a Student Life Officer as well, running events with student associations, clubs and societies means student safety is an important part of Tait’s role at ACU.


Paula Ince

Paula Ince is a lecturer in nursing in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine and has a keen interest in student clinical placements. She has supported students prior, during and after clinical placements. She is a critical care nurse with more than 25 years’ experience and still works clinically in ICUs across Melbourne. She is available for a confidential and supportive chat with any member of the student community from Monday to Friday.

T: 03 9953 3624

Beth McLeod

Beth is a course coordinator and senior lecturer in the School of Health and Behavioural Science (Exercise Science). She teaches health, research, sport, physical and outdoor education units, but is also heavily involved in community engagement units and programs. Beth has led multiple overseas programs for ACU students including taking groups to the Solomon Islands and East Timor. You may have seen her around campus with a Seeing Eye Dog as she volunteers caring for and training dogs for Vision Australia.

T: 03 9953 3039

Alastair (Al) Moore

Alastair, or Al, is the Student Life Officer on Campus and runs events and offer supports for the SPSA, Clubs & Societies and all students. Al has experience in working with groups of people, with experience in Marketing & Advertising, in agency land and within the sporting industry, Al has worked with a wide variety of individuals. Al’s goal on Campus is to create a welcoming and accepting environments for all students. Al’s door is always open for a chat and to provide support, so feel free to visit his office at 420.LG.35

Telephone: 0475946823  |   Email:

Jake Santitto

Jake is the Campus Pastoral Associate for Students on the Melbourne Campus. He runs events and offers pastoral support for students. Each semester he accompanies students going through a range of different experiences and his door is always open for students to drop in for support. You can come to his office at 403.MZ.19 or contact him via phone or email.

T: 03 9953 3072

David Spencer

David is a senior lecturer in the ACU law school in Melbourne and teaches civil law and dispute resolution. David is the course coordinator for the law school and he deals with student issues daily.

T: 03 9953 3678

Georgina Trajkoski

Georgina is an Access and Disability Advisor located on the Melbourne campus. She has been working in the Disability Services sector for over 25 years, supporting students throughout their studies to create a safe and supportive environment. Georgina is also a member of the ACU Ally Network.


Marta Balnaves – North Sydney

Marta Balnaves is the Student Advocacy Service Coordinator. She deals with students concerns daily and is passionate about creating inclusive and safe work environment where all students are given fair and equitable outcomes. Marta will listen to you and support you through the issues you are facing. Marta is a member of ACU’s Ally Network and holds her Mental Health First Aid Certificate.

Telephone: 02 9465 9318 


Alistair Cowie – North Sydney

Alistair is the Associate Director, Student Life. Alistair has worked in student affairs for three decades and is passionate about giving students a voice and helping them to build a flourishing life. He is compassionate, empathetic and always ready to listen.

T: 02 9465 9466


Louisa Camilleri - Strathfield

Louisa is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 10 years’ experience working in community health as a clinician. She is a Professional Practice Educator and the Clinic Discipline Lead within the Faculty of Behavioural Health Science’s Exercise Lifestyle Clinic. She lectures within the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology program. Louisa is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, no matter their ability. She previously specialised in delivering safe and effective exercise interventions to children and adults with cerebral palsy, focusing on greater independence and quality of life. Louisa is a parent herself and has always maintained a community engagement focus in servicing her community. 

T: (02) 9701 4753


Narelle Fabien – Strathfield

Narelle is the Student Life, Community Development Coordinator and works with club and society student leaders. She is passionate about supporting students in a safe and inclusive environment. As part of her role, Narelle works with students daily, and she has over 30 years of experience working with and supporting young people.

T: 02 97014366

Peter Freeman – North Sydney

Peter Freeman is the Senior International Student Adviser based at North Sydney Campus. He deals with student issues daily. Peter has many years’ experience working with international students and has a great awareness around needs and potential challenges that these students might experience at university.

T: 02 9465 9273

Paolo Grella – North Sydney

Paolo Grella is the Campus Pastoral Associate for Students at North Sydney Campus. He has a passion for helping others and is always happy to be a listening ear for whatever life throws at you. Paolo has an ability to connect with students and uses his expertise in music to enhance that connection with those around him.
T: 02 9739 2487E:

Mark Hamilton – Blacktown and North Sydney

Mark is a lecturer in the ACU law school in Sydney, teaching both law and criminology at the North Sydney and Blacktown campuses. He enjoys academic pursuits, and craft when there is time, and as a course coordinator within the law school interacts with students regularly.

T: 02 9739 2441

Douglas Jackson – North Sydney

Douglas is a course coordinator for biomedical science and lecturer in the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences at North Sydney. Working with students daily, Douglas is passionate about helping them succeed in their chosen courses and helping them navigate university life.

T: 02 9739 2493

Tully Jocumsen – North Sydney (she/her)

Tully is the Student Life Officer for the North Sydney Campus. With a social work background, and a genuine love for helping others, Tully is always here to support you in whatever way she can.


Ian Lam – North Sydney

Located in Sydney, Ian is the national pro bono program coordinator in the Thomas More Law School supporting student volunteers in their placements in external institutions. He is also a lawyer and lectured business law at ACU for nearly 15 years. 


Natalie Lastary Lee – North Sydney

Natalie Lastary Lee is the International Student Adviser for North Sydney, Strathfield, and Blacktown campus. She has an international relations background with a passion in helping international students have a positive university experience at ACU. She deals with student issues daily and no question is a silly question 

T: 02 9739 2094


Ozge Onder – North Sydney

Ozge Onder is the Student Advocacy Support Officer based at North Sydney campus. She has helped thousands of students across all ACU campuses in difficulty university matters. She supports students daily and is passionate about helping them in challenges that might have experienced in their education journey.

T: +61 2 9465 9285


Jenny Penny – North Sydney

Jenny is a nursing lecturer in the School of Nursing Midwifery and Paramedicine on the North Sydney campus. Jenny works in a part-time capacity but is on campus Monday-Thursday each week.

Jenny works closely with students throughout their BN course and is dedicated to providing a positive and inclusive learning environment for students. Jenny is approachable, supportive, and reliable, and passionate about supporting students to achieve their goals. She can be found in building 533, Level 7.

Telephone: (02) 9739 2037   |   Email:

Christie Reskakis – North Sydney

Christie is the Access and Disability Advisor on North Sydney and Blacktown ACU campuses. Christie has gained experience working with individuals across the lifespan through a range of roles, including a role as a health professional within the disability sector. Christie deeply values the opportunity to empathetically listen to individuals and work with them to create a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Telephone: 02 9465 9461


Kathryn Williams – North Sydney

Kathryn is a Careers Adviser with a background in psychology, social work and pastoral care. She has over 30 years of experience working with and supporting young people and is a parent of three teens/young adults. She is friendly and approachable and available for a confidential and supportive chat with any member of the student community from Monday to Friday. She is located in the James Carrol building, office 502.3.30.

T: 02 9739 2408


Kelly Johnson – Strathfield

Kelly is a course coordinator and lecturer in PDHPE based at Strathfield Campus. She is passionate about the wellbeing and health of young people and interacts with students in and outside class on a regular basis.

T: 02 9701 4339

Torrey Klett – Strathfield

Torrey is the Student Life Officer for the Strathfield Campus. She works with students daily and believes it’s the best part of her role. Torrey is a wonderful listener and passionate about providing students with a safe and inclusive environment and an amazing student experience. Pop by the office to say hello anytime - it's the one with the orange octopus on the window!


Aine McAree – Blacktown and Strathfield

Aine is the course coordinator and lecturer-in-charge for the Bachelor of Youth Work based in Blacktown. She splits her time between the Blacktown and Strathfield campuses. Aine has worked in the youth sector for many years and loves interacting with young people. Her experience is enriched by supporting people daily and she is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive environment for all students at ACU.


Elysha O’Neill – North Sydney, Blacktown and Strathfield

Elysha is the Sports Program Lead across the North Sydney, Strathfield and Blacktown campuses. She has worked in many sectors throughout her career, including education and home care for the elderly. Elysha is extremely passionate about helping others, meeting new people and hearing about their stories.

T: 02 9701 2702
E: elysha.o’

Linda Reardon – Blacktown

Linda has more than 17 years of experience of working in universities and has worked as a secondary school teacher in Western Sydney. She works as a Careers Advisor in the Careers and Employability Unit and has a passion for working with all students from all from all disciplines, situations, backgrounds, and identities, in order to help them make the most of their university experience. Supporting students to engage, build their skills and confidence, feel safe and to stay at university and successfully launch their careers as graduates underpins all of her work. Linda is a parent of two, Mental Health First Aid qualified, holds qualifications in Teacher Education, Arts and Career Development, is registered as a Career Development Professional with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) and is currently studying a Masters in Educational Leadership.

Telephone: (02) 9739 2708    |   Email:

Rebecca Riley – Camperdown

Rebecca is the Accommodation Coordinator for the Miguel Cordero Residence based in Camperdown. She supports students daily, is a member of ACU’s Ally Network, and holds her Mental Health First Aid Certificate.

T: 02 9739 2676

Jamie Sherson – Strathfield

Jamie is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Education. He teaches health, physical education, digital technologies, and professional experience units. A former HPE teacher and corporate wellness advisor, Jamie possesses a fervent dedication to both mental and physical health. His rich background includes substantial involvement with charities and NGOs, leading him to international endeavours aiding underprivileged and disadvantaged communities. Jamie places significant importance on the chance to actively engage in empathetic listening and collaborate with individuals, fostering a secure and safe environment. You can find him in Office 613.1.26.

Telephone: 02 9701 4802   |   Email:

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