Welcome to ACU’s Respectful Relationships Module.

This module has been developed by ACU for all commencing students to complete in their first semester or teaching period.

The module has been created to ensure commencing ACU students understand ACU’s expectations around healthy relationships, safety and consent, and seeking support.

The module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The module is compulsory for commencing ACU students starting from Semester 1 2023 onwards. You only need to complete the module once while you are studying your course.

Commencing ACU students are required to complete the Respectful Relationships Module prior to their results release of their first semester / teaching period at ACU. If the module is not completed by the date of their results release, results will be withheld until its completion.

This program is part of ACU’s commitment to safe campuses and a respectful and inclusive community.

The Respectful Relationships Module is an information and training module about respect, safety, and consent in all relationships (professional, personal, familial, and intimate/romantic). The module has been created to:

  • Ensure all students are aware of, and understand, ACU’s expectations around respectful and safe behaviour in all relationships
  • Educate students in identifying unhealthy, toxic, and abusive behaviours in relationships
  • Teach and explain concepts around respect, safety and consent in relationships – or for some students, to reinforce existing knowledge about these matters
  • Equip students with the knowledge and confidence to be an effective and active bystander if they see or hear of discrimination, harassment, or violence in the community
  • Ensure ACU students are aware of the internal and external support services available to them for support

The Respectful Relationships Module will cover:

  • Statistics around sexual harassment and misconduct on university campuses and in the wider society in Australia
  • What does a respectful relationship look like
  • Signs of unhealthy, toxic or emotionally abusive relationships
  • Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and family & domestic violence
  • Consent
  • How to be an active bystander
  • Support and reporting at ACU, and external support services
  • The Safety Support Network
  • How to support fellow students
You can access the Respectful Relationships Module through your Leo account. For ACU Online students, you can access the module through your Canvas account.
If you are a commencing student at ACU from Semester 1 2023 onwards, and you cannot see the Respectful Relationships Module in your portal, please contact Ask ACU.

Yes - ACU’s Respectful Relationships Module contains information about sexual assault, sexual harassment, and family & domestic violence, and we recognise that for some students, particularly those with a lived-experience, may experience distress when completing this module. Students can request to opt-out of the module by completing the below form and by emailing this to respectandsafety@acu.edu.au.

If you are concerned that you might experience distress, but still wish to engage with and complete the module, and feel that you may benefit from a support person with you while completing it, please email respectandsafety@acu.edu.au.

Please note that you are not able to opt-out of the module for any other reason, such as:

  • Believing you already have enough understanding of consent and relationships
  • Thinking that you do not have time to complete the module
  • Your religious or cultural beliefs or background

Yes – we recognise that we have a diverse community at ACU and for some students, they may not have had the opportunity to engage in much learning around some of the topics covered in the Respectful Relationships Module before. We also understand that particularly for some of our international students who speak English as an additional language, some of the language in this module may be new. You can access a glossary of terms and concepts here (PDF, 136KB).

International students can also contact the International Student Advisors on their campus for assistance and support.

If you have not completed the Respectful Relationships Module before your results are released for Semester 1 2023, your results will be withheld until it is completed. Once you have completed the Respectful Relationships Module after the results release date, it may take up to 5 business days for your results to be released.

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