What you need to know about applying to teach

Answers to your questions about the changes to admission requirements for education courses in Victoria.

There have been changes made nationally to how you apply for initial teacher education courses (such as the Bachelor of Education or Master of Teaching). The changes may seem a little confusing at first, but once you have all the information, you’ll see it’s still simple to apply for a pre-service education course at ACU.

What are the changes, and why were they made?

Remarkable teachers have strong theoretical knowledge. But they also have the great communication skills, passion, commitment and empathy needed to inspire and guide future generations  of students.

This is why teacher suitability assessments have been introduced for 2018 enrolments in initial teacher education courses. The assessments ensure students have the right mix of academic achievement and non-academic qualities to become an effective teacher – qualities such as professionalism, ethics, communication, and empathy.

What are the admission assessments in Victoria?

The assessments evaluate key characteristics that make for successful education students, and ultimately, outstanding teachers. If you apply to study education at ACU in Victoria, you can choose to complete one of two teacher suitability assessments:

  • CASPer: an online screening tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics.


  • ACU Teacher Selector Statement: a written statement to demonstrate your interest in teaching, and your personal learning and leadership qualities.

If you’re applying through VTAC to study at ACU, you can choose to complete an ACU Teacher Selector Statement and submit it with your application to VTAC, or sit the CASPer test.

If you’re in Victoria and would like to apply to ACU in another state, visit our website for the relevant application information.

If you’re applying directly to ACU, you need to submit a Teacher Selector Statement with your application to ACU.

How do they compare?


Format: There are 12 sections in the CASPer test. Each section contains either a video or written scenario, followed by three questions. You?ll have five minutes to answer each set of three questions. Check out an example scenario.

Cost: $80 - this fee is not charged or received by ACU, but by the CASPer provider.

Assessment dates: The test can be taken on set dates between September and January. Check dates online (you'll need to scroll down to the Australian Undergraduate Education dates).

We recommend you register three days before the date you intend to sit the exam.

How do I sit the assessment? You have to register for the exam on the CASPer website.

Please note, you can only sit the test once in an academic year.

ACU Teacher Selector Statement

Format: The Teacher Selector Statement requires you to write approximately 1,000 words addressing two separate categories to demonstrate your interest in teaching, and your personal learning and leadership qualities.

Cost: Free

Assessment dates: There are no set assessment dates. You complete the statement and submit it with your application by the application cut-off dates.

How do I sit the assessment? You can prepare the statement at any time, just ensure you submit it with your application (either through VTAC or direct to ACU) by the cut-off date.

Please note, the assessment is in addition to academic entry requirements. You still need to meet criteria such as subject prerequisites and ATAR cut-offs to be offered a place in your chosen degree. You can find more information about applying to study education at ACU on our website.

Is it possible to fail either assessment?

There are no right or wrong answers. The assessments measure attributes such as professionalism, ethics and empathy – so it’s important you answer honestly. Ultimately the answers reflect your personal attributes and help to indicate if teaching is the right profession for you.

Will anyone be exempt from the teacher suitability assessments?

All new applicants to an initial teacher education course have to submit a teacher suitability assessment as part of their application.

Learn more about suitability for teaching requirements at ACU.



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