This form is ONLY for current students and applicants who have received an email request from ACU requesting completion of this form or who have requested to transfer to an ITE course via Student Connect.

If you’re applying for an ITE course as a new student to ACU, you should follow the instructions in your application to QTAC/UAC/VTAC/ACU, and as outlined in Entry Requirements for Teaching

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A Teacher Selector Statement (TSS) is required for all applications to ACU for an initial teacher education qualification in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria from 2018 onwards.

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) has responded to the Federal Government's request to create selection guidelines for all universities to assess both the academic and non-academic qualities of all students applying for entry into a teaching degree.

The Teacher Selector Statement allows applicants to demonstrate their suitability to teaching, with the right mix of qualities to enable them to become an effective teacher.

You need to write a concise 1-2 page (approximately 1000 words) statement to demonstrate your suitability to teaching. In your statement, you must address the categories and indicators outlined below. The statement can be word processed or neatly handwritten.

When you’ve prepared your statement you need to upload it to this form as a single document. Your application cannot be considered until you submit your TSS.

Categories Instructions for Applicants

Interest in Teaching and Children/Young People

Write approximately 500 words (1 page) about your motivation and suitability for teaching.

You may consider the following points in framing your response:

  • Who or what has inspired you to become a teacher?
  • Why is teaching a good career choice?
  • Why are you interested in teaching young children/young people?
  • What subjects are you interested in teaching and why?
  • What does being a good teacher mean?
  • What skills and abilities do you have that will make you a good teacher?

Involvement in Personal Learning and Leadership Activities

Write approximately 500 words (1 page) about your involvement in learning and/or leadership activities that demonstrate the following:

  • Commitment to learning,
  • Conscientiousness,
  • Resilience,
  • Interpersonal and communication skills, and
  • Organisation and planning skills.

You could include examples drawn from your:

  • School Experience or co-curricular participation e.g. Arts, Sports, debating, social justice
  • Projects e.g. curriculum projects, science fairs
  • Leadership experiences e.g. student leadership positions, Arts, Sports
  • Support of other learners e.g. peer mentoring, coaching, buddy programmes
  • Work Experience including your employment history and roles, any employment involving children or young people, any work based training you have undertaken or provided
  • Volunteer or Community Experience e.g. community groups, parish/church groups, Cadets, Lifesaving, fundraising, clubs
  • Community learning and training experiences such as Guides, Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh awards, St Johns Ambulance
  • Personal talents, interests and abilities
  • Elite performance e.g. athletic, creative arts, other areas
  • Disadvantage that you have overcome including social, cultural or economic, geographical (remote and rural) and personal or health-related

You may consider these questions in framing your response:

  • What learning activities have I been engaged in?
  • What leadership activities have I undertaken?
  • What activities of personal interest am I involved in? How long have I participated? How am I involved?
  • What tasks or events have I planned and/or organised?
  • How have I shown that I can work with others?
  • What do I do to overcome obstacles, challenges or problems?


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