Promoting a better understanding of religious freedom is an important part of the institute’s work. The institute’s work on religious freedom is part of a larger focus on religion and democracy.


Re-evaluating Religious Freedom at Common Law

The debate about legal protection of religious freedom has proceeded on the basis that the common law does not afford protection for religious freedom, and so any protection under Australian law will have to be found in legislation.

Neither Sword Nor Shield: religious freedom in principle and legislation

An examination of how the Ten Principles of Religious Freedom developed by the Institute can be implemented in legislation.

Faith's Place: Democracy in a Religious World

A collection of essays discussing how we can strengthen hope and confidence in Australia democracy, and the contribution religion can make to this task.

So help me God: a history of oaths in office

An overview of the history of different oaths, affirmations, and pledges in Australia, and how different forms of solemn promise-making help maintain confidence in public institutions.

Seal of confession: the public interest in confidential communications

A new approach to understanding the seal of confession – the obligation of Catholic priests (and some other ministers) not to divulge information obtained as part of religious confession – drawn from the public interest in protecting certain confidential communications.

Amen: a history of prayers in Parliament

A study of the long-standing practice of saying prayers in Parliament, and how this practice continues to uphold important shared values for the pursuit of the common good in public life.

10 points on Religious Persecution: an overview

When religious freedom is undervalued, ignored, discouraged, or targeted, religious persecution sometimes follows.

10 Principles of Religious Freedom

Understanding what religious freedom is and isn’t is essential if we want to have better conversations about how we disagree and live together in a diverse secular society.

Chalice of Liberty: protecting religious freedom in Australia

Two essays explaining why freedom of religion remains important to a liberal democracy such as Australia, and what is necessary to ensure its protection in the decades ahead.

Submissions and Legislation

PM Glynn Institute submission on the Commonwealth’s Religious Discrimination Bill 2021 | January 2022

PM Glynn Institute submission on the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Freedoms and Equality) Bill 2020 | August 2020

ACU’s submission to the Commonwealth’s first exposure draft legislation for a Religious Discrimination Bill

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