MTLC Maths Masterclass Webinar Series 1

Building number sense in early primary years

Presenter: Doug Clarke

Audience: Foundation to Year 3 teachers

Date/Time: Tuesday 4th August 2020             4:00-5:15pm   

Cost: $30.00


Number sense can be thought of as thinking of numbers in a sense-making way. Many children develop creative and efficient strategies when operating on numbers, but a focus on formal algorithms too early may deter students from using their number sense.  In this webinar, Doug will explore ways of using mental computation and number relationships to help young children deal with numbers strategically and flexibly. Doug will actively involve participants in some engaging activities and ideas, which he has found helpful in building number sense. 

Tips and tools to enhance dialogue in mathematics lessons

Presenter: Leonie Anstey

Audience: Foundation to Year 6 teachers

Date/Time: Wednesday 12th August 2020     4:00-5:15pm   

Cost: $30.00


Dialogue is an important vehicle for facilitating student learning to be able to think and reason mathematically.  As teachers, dialogue enables us to develop classroom learning that is flexible, instructional, collaborative, and rigorous. In this webinar, Leonie will explore a range of tools that develop mathematical reasoning. These tools can be adapted and used across many stands and aspects of the mathematics curriculum.

Differentiation Through Open-Ended Tasks

Presenter: Michael Minas

Audience: Foundation to Year 8 teachers

Date/Time: Tuesday 25th August 2020           4:00-5:15pm   

Cost: $30.00


One of the greatest challenges confronting teachers is how to best cater for the wide range of abilities in mathematics.  In this webinar, Michael will explore how learning can be enhanced while also increasing student engagement, simply by changing the type of questions that teachers pose. Michael will investigate the benefits of using open-ended tasks by taking participants through examples that have been successfully implemented in classrooms.  We also outline some simple design principles that will allow you to create your own open-ended tasks across all of the strands of mathematics and for all year levels. 


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