Uniquely build your team's capability to actively shape it's environment. 

The world is growing increasingly complex, competitive and connected.  Unprecedented advances in technology, globalisation and disruption have impacted practically every industry. Traditional leadership theories are losing their relevance.

Organisations must be resilient if they are to successfully face the challenges of an increasingly complex, globalised environment. They need to be informed, to respond and move with the ever-changing business landscape.

The modern-day leader requires the wisdom of the crowd to make sense and meaning of our fast-changing business landscape. Leaders must combine critical thinking techniques with an understanding of sustainable leadership frameworks. They need to focus on resilience and future direction and assist their team, and organisation, to flourish and thrive.

"My journey was … actually the first session blew my mind to be perfectly honest."

Scott Matyus-Flynn
Program Graduate, Partner and Head of Strategy, Republic of Everyone

This program is designed for managers and leaders who need to address disruption and new challenges with innovative approaches that can endure as part of a resilient culture.

You are expected to have three years’ relevant industry experience or hold a Bachelor degree.

The program is designed by our internationally renowned faculty who will mentor and partner with you through a collaborative learning process.

Our faculty consult and carry out continuous research with Australian and international clients, bringing contemporary knowledge and exceptional experience to the program, and delivering a unique blend of evidence based theory with high level insights and applied practices.

Participants will realise the advantages of studying and networking with other professionals in a dynamic face-to face learning environment.

This exceptional program is comprised of four units and delivered in intensive mode.

Unit 1: Systemic and Complexity Thinking and Practices

  • Understanding methodologies and approaches in systemics
  • Exploring complex issues through systemic processes
  • Systemic thinking to enhance enterprise resilience
  • Engaging diverse perspectives in management
  • Designing a systemic intervention
  • Promoting participatory leadership in issues of change and development

Unit 2: Innovation for Sustainability

  • Unlocking innovation potential
  • Experience-based vs. information-based decision making
  • The sustainability and resilience connection
  • Becoming an internal change agent
  • Creating entrepreneurship and creative thinking
  • Explore vs. exploit
  • Management system design
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Optimisation of operations
  • Moving from ‘responsive’ to ‘innovative’
  • The importance of the finish line

Unit 3: Sustainable Leadership

  • Paradigms of leadership
  • The sustainable leadership pyramid
  • A long-term perspective on enterprise
  • People-centric leadership behaviours
  • Workforce engagement
  • Collective leadership and devolved decision making
  • Enabling culture
  • Knowledge retention and sharing
  • Continuous people development
  • Practical ethics
  • Considered organisational change
  • Vision and values

Unit 4: Strategy for Resilience

  • Applying frameworks for the development of strategies
  • Enhancing enterprise resilience through stakeholder engagement and cross-sector partnerships
  • Exploring strategic resilience options between opportunity and risk
  • Applying broader concepts of systemic thinking
  • Crafting flexible long-term resilience plans and scenarios
  • Mastering an enterprise resilience problem – the intellectual process

Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in the Leading Resilient Enterprises you may be eligible to receive advanced standing towards a Masters qualification, subject to board approval.

Fees are $3,226 per unit per unit for units commencing in 2019.

A Student Services Fee of $180 per annum is also payable per participant, and textbooks may need to be purchased for each unit.

Bruce-McKenzieBruce McKenzie – Program Director

Bruce is a change practitioner and academic who develops systemic thinking principles and practices to assist organisations, governments and communities to address current and future complex issues. He is one of the world’s most experienced Systemic practitioners. Recognised globally for successfully building organisational capacity to manage change, through generating innovative, sustainable strategies and developing alternative ways of thinking about challenges and crisis.

He is a Director of the Center for Systemic Leadership, Director of Systemic Development Associates, Co-Founder and President of Future Insight Maps, a pioneer of WindTunneling Software and Fulcrum online learning. Bruce has worked all around the world, mapping out complex issues, developing change management and leadership development programs, including clients in the USA, Thailand and Australian governments; in corporate enterprises USA EPA, USA Bio-Diesel Industry, Pfizer, CISCO, Lend Lease and Westpac; and community agencies in agriculture, education, health, public utilities and community development. content here

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