A pinnacle business qualification for individuals that believe in more than just maximising profits.


The corporate landscape is shifting; companies focused exclusively on maximising shareholder wealth are being challenged to consider their broader social and community obligations and how they are contributing to the common good. To what extent should corporations be ethically or values-driven rather than shareholder focused?

At ACU we believe this is a false dichotomy – and an illusory trade-off. Emerging evidence suggests that serving the social good is a winning model for driving sustainable long-term profit growth and value creation.

Our Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) challenges participants to consider how contemporary business models can embrace ethical values and sustainable profit growth, and how these two apparently competing ambitions are, in fact, intertwined and interdependent.

This executive-level program is ideal for experienced managers, leaders, decision-makers and those aspiring to advance their careers. We understand you’re busy, so we aim for efficiency and flexibility. We offer an accelerated study model and units are delivered in seminar-style intensives across two weekends.

The EMBA is robust by design. We aim to challenge you, to engage you in lively debate, to give you skills that enable you to think critically, differently and outside of the standard, to tackle the big questions, and create bigger results with true mutual value and benefit.

It is a refreshing interdisciplinary learning journey, drawing from the fields of psychology, sociology, humanities, business, economics, accounting, finance, education, and philosophy, and focusing on the core elements of business.

Core program themes

  • Customers and stakeholders
    A holistic, value-driven and customer-centric approach.
  • People, culture and governance
    Critical for building trust and underpinning competitive advantage in an era of commoditisation.
  • Complex systems and digital technologies
    Wicked problems and emergent technologies represent significant challenges, but also great opportunities.
  • Finance
    The laws of economic gravity apply even to disruptive business models.

The EMBA is a rigorous, practical program grounded in best practice and backed by research. The program brings you advanced adult learning methods, designed by our internationally renowned faculty who will mentor and partner with you through a collaborative learning process.

With a focus on applied learning, the intensive seminar-style approach inspires group discussion and knowledge sharing among participants who undertake work-based projects to ensure learning is integrated into the workplace.

The EMBA comprises 12 units of study:

  • Eight essential units
    The must-haves of your business learning.
  • Four elective units
    Choose subjects most relevant to you from a selected schedule of units.

You can choose to study your EMBA with a generalist focus or emphasise expertise in a specific area by completing a four-unit  graduate certificate level qualification first. Successful completion of the graduate certificate is a pathway straight into the EMBA. Use your graduate certificate qualification to generate up to four credits and progress with the rest of your EMBA by completing another eight units. If you choose the generalist focus or the pathway option, you must still complete 12 units of study in total to qualify for your EMBA.

To qualify for the Executive Master of Business Administration, students must complete 120 credit points comprising of:

  • 80 cp essential units, and
  • 40 cp elective units.

With a focus on flexibility and options to accelerate, you can start your study at one of eight different entry points throughout the year.

Our recommended essential units of study include subjects such as:

 MGMT641 Organisational Dynamics and Behaviour
 BUSN602 Money management
 ECOE600 Managerial economics in a global environment
 BAFN602 Corporate finance
 MGMT638 Ethical leadership and social responsibility
 MGMT605 Strategic management for sustainability
 Foundations of Management Thought*
 BUSN603 Corporate governance and risk management

*To be approved

Download course map (PDF File, 628.5 KB)

Each unit will be delivered over two weekends in seminar-style intensives – one includes a Friday evening. You’ll enjoy a focused and collegial environment with a supportive and highly collaborative team.

You can start your study at multiple entry points throughout the year and complete your EMBA in as little as two years, depending on the units you choose. Some units may require pre-requisite study.

Essential unit dates

Unit 1: Organisational Dynamics and Behaviour 19-21 October; and 10-11 November 2018
Unit 2: Money Management 11-13 January; and 2-3 February 2019
Unit 3: Managerial Economics in a Global Environment 22-24 March; and 6-7 April 2019
Unit 4: Corporate Finance 17-19 May; and 1-2 June 2019
Unit 5: Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility 16-18 August; and 31 August – 1 September, 2019
Unit 6: Strategic Management for Sustainability 20-22 September; and 12-13 October 2019
Unit 7: Foundations of Management Thought* 1-3 November; and 23-24 November 2019
Unit 8: Corporate Governance and Risk Management Professional Term 1 - 2020 Intensive class dates to be confirmed

International study opportunity

Study two units in an exciting international setting, taught concurrently over two weeks and lead by expert facilitators:

  • Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility: 26 August – 8 September 2019
  • Strategic Management for Sustainability: 26 August – 8 September 2019

Elective units can be taken at other times through the year, as they are offered. Please talk to us about these dates.

If you are considering a four-unit graduate certificate level pathway, check the dates units will be offered or please contact us or register your interest.

  • Psychology of risk
  • Not-for-profit management
  • Catholic leadership

Intensive seminars will take place in a professional face-to-face learning environment at one of four campus locations: Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne or North Sydney.

Full online conferencing facilities will be available at our other campus locations, which means you can attend seminars no matter which city you happen to be in at the time.

To be eligible for admission to the EMBA, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • five years full-time work experience in a management/leadership role, and
  • a prior degree.

For more information about entry requirements and pathways, or for pathway options if you do not meet the above criteria, please contact us.

Contact ACU Executive Education

When you apply via our online portal you’ll need to supply:

  • past academic transcripts
  • a curriculum vitae (CV).

We're about accessible, quality education. The EMBA offers you an inspired education and an exceptional learning journey - all with unit fees within reach. Because of our flexibility, unit fees may vary in accordance with:

  • your choice of specialisation, and
  • elective units selected.

2019 essential unit fees: $3,500 per unit

Talk to us about your preferred study approach and we can provide advice about total tuition fees.

A student services fee of $45 per term, capped at $270 annually, is also payable.  Textbooks may need to be purchased for each unit.

Enjoy the advantage of a community of thought-leaders, grounded in evidence-based scholarly practice, each with deep industry and proven professional experience. A team dedicated to meeting client needs, they are globally renowned authors, business owners, consultants, academics and experts in their disciplines. Critically, they understand and have proven experience in developing and delivering adult learning methods that produce results.

You will benefit from their extensive theoretical knowledge, academic rigor, impressive practical skill sets and their absolute dedication to their discipline.

Course Director – John English

John is a former group executive who has worked with major listed financial services companies, with broad management experience in strategy and innovation. John's current business interests lie in management consultancy, start-up advice and teaching on the EMBA.

A focus of his advice to clients is the design of new business models and the harnessing of emerging technologies in the data and digital era. Originally qualified as an economist, John has an MBA from Monash University where he was a recipient of the Directors' Award in his year of graduation. He is an exemplar of the scholar-practitioner model on which the faculty of our EMBA program has been founded.

"The real-life applicability is invaluable and enables practical learning that can be applied directly to the workplace.”

Jo Armstrong
EMBA Graduate

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