ACU is collaborating with Microsoft and working with leading aged care providers to develop Jessie, a hands-free autonomous data input technology that automates data entry for frontline workers. By improving the data collection process, aged care workers will have more time to provide quality care by spending less time collecting and more time connecting.

The problem

Frontline workers face significant burnout and low morale due to heavy workload and increased data input requirements that take them away from caring for residents. Incomplete or inaccurate reporting data can also lead to sanctions and funding impacts for providers.

Our solution

Leveraging recent AI technology such as autonomous active listening, Jessie will capture mandatory patient data, hands-free and in real-time, during the daily care conversation between nursing staff/care worker and resident. The technology will follow the conversation and understand its intent based on key-word prompts, automatically identifying the resident and populating the answers to mandatory questions into relevant charts and forms in existing care management systems.

The goal is to enhance the accuracy of mandatory care reporting while supporting care staff in their data collection, leading to:

  • reduced staff burnout and workforce attrition
  • improved data accuracy, reporting and compliance
  • improved quality of care

Impacts and benefits

  • Greater quality of care 
  • Increased morale 
  • Family reassurance 
  • Reduced burnout and attrition 
  • Enhanced productivity and morale  
  • Improved clinical and medical compliance  
  • Improved data and reporting
  • Increased budget accuracy 
  • Improved sector trust 
  • Better workforce conditions and reduced staff burnout 
  • Improved financial outcomes 
  • Improved data and reporting
  • Increased data accuracy 
  • Better support for providers / end users
  • Enhanced platform analytics, alerts and workflow

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