Dr Antonia Pizzey

Dr Antonia Pizzey

Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Centre for Studies of the Second Vatican Council

Areas of expertise: ecumenism; Vatican II; ecclesiology

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3166-657X

Phone: +61 7 3861 6242

Email: Antonia.pizzey@acu.edu.au

Location: ACU Brisbane Campus

Antonia Pizzey completed her Ph.D. in Theology at ACU in 2016. Her dissertation focused on the emerging method of Receptive Ecumenism and its connection to Spiritual Ecumenism. Her current research explores the history, meaning and reception of Vatican II’s metaphor of the Church as “pilgrim”. She is a postdoctoral researcher for the five-year ACURF funded project: “The Vision of Vatican II on Revelation, Church, Ecumenism, and Education”, which is housed in the Research Centre for Studies of the Second Vatican Council. She is also a Lecturer in ACU’s School of Theology. Her research interests include ecumenism, ecclesiology, Vatican II studies, eschatology, and theological virtues, especially humility and hope.

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Select publications


  • Receptive Ecumenism and the Renewal of the Ecumenical Movement: The Path of Ecclesial Conversion. Leiden: Brill, 2019.

 Journal Articles

  • “On the Maturation of Receptive Ecumenism: The Connection between Receptive Ecumenism and Spiritual Ecumenism” Pacifica 28, no. 2 (2015).

Book Chapters

  • “Receptive Ecumenism and the Virtues: Exploring Facets of the Receptive Ecumenical Endeavour,” in Receptive Ecumenism as Transformative Ecclesial Learning, edited by Paul D. Murray, Gregory Ryan and Paul Lakeland (Oxford: Oxford UP, forthcoming),
  • “Receptive Ecumenical Learning: A Constructive Way of Approaching Ecclesial Identity and Renewal.” In Receptive Ecumenism: Listening, Learning and Loving in the Way of Christ. Edited by Geraldine Hawkes and Vicky Balabanski. Hindmarsh, SA: ATF Press, 2018.
  • “God is Love: Ecumenism of the Heart”, in Prospects and Challenges for the Ecumenical Movement in the Twenty-First Century: Insights from the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute, edited by David Field and Jutta Koslowski 2015.

Accolades and awards


  • ACU Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, 2019.

Appointments and affiliations

  • Lecturer, School of Theology, Australian Catholic University, 2017 to present.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2019 to present.
  • Secretary of the Australian Catholic Theological Association, 2019 to present.


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