Program Director

Dr Philip McCosker

systematic and historical theologies especially christologies; Catholic theologies; theological epistemologies; apophaticisms; ressourcement theologies; mystical theologies; paradox; sacrifice; desire; prayer; sexuality; queer theologies

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Dr Alda Balthrop-Lewis

religion and ecology; environmental justice; religious ethics; political theology; environmental ethics; religion and democracy; religion and literature; ethnography

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Dr Rachel Davies

early Franciscan thought and practice; Carmelite spirituality; medieval and early modern mystical theologies; christologies; the divine ideas; negative theology; Mother Teresa; issues around suffering, embodiment and death

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Dr Benjamin DeSpain

historical and philosophical theology; catholic philosophy; theological ethics; theology and the arts; mystical and ascetical theology; tradition; platonism; Thomas Aquinas

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Dr Lexi Eikelboom

Twentieth century theology; twenty-first century constructive theologies; Continental philosophy; art and literary criticism; theology and the arts; Christian anthropology; theories of ritual

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Dr Alison Fitchett-Climenhaga

Christianity in Africa (especially 19th C-present); world Christianity; missiology/mission history; Pentecostal-charismatic Christianity; lay formation and leadership; popular devotions; religion and healing; religion, conflict, and peacebuilding; interreligious engagement

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Dr David Newheiser

Religious ethics; Continental philosophy; philosophy of religion; political theology; gender and sexuality; early Christian thought

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Dr Darren Sarisky

theological interpretation of scripture; nature of Christian doctrine; ecclesiology

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Professorial and Honorary Fellows

Professor Sarah Coakley

modern systematic theology; analytic and continental philosophy of religion; evolutionary theory and theology; patristic theology and spirituality; contemporary theories of gender and 'race'

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Professor Stephan van Erp

fundamental theology; philosophical theology; theological metaphysics, modern catholic theology; theological aesthetics, development of doctrine, theology of religious life

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Professor Denys Turner

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Professor Judith Wolfe

Philosophical theology, especially in the continental tradition; systematic theology; theology and the arts; eschatology and apocalypticism; Martin Heidegger; C.S. Lewis

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Affiliate Researchers

Dr Stewart Braun

Social and political philosophy; normative ethics; political theology; virtue theory

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Professor Robyn Horner

Fundamental theology; Continental philosophy; hermeneutic phenomenology; poststructuralism; enhancing Catholic School identity

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A/Prof. David Kirchhoffer

Ethics; moral theology; practical theology; human dignity; autonomy

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Reverend Dr James McEvoy

systematic theology; church and world; faith and culture; theology of childhood; Karl Rahner; Charles Taylor

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Reverend Associate Professor Ormond Rush

Hermeneutics; Vatican II; the sense of the faithful, sensus fidelium; Magisterium; biblical inspiration; historical Jesus; church-world relationship; theology of history; development of doctrine; theology of imagination; Trinity; Christology; ecclesiology; faith; theological method; foundational theology; theology of reception; pneumatology; Holy Spirit; revelation; tradition; theology of scripture

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Research students

Rajat Denzil Acharya

Callum Dawson

Christopher Parkes

Derek Bruns

David Schütz

Beshoy Tawadrous

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