Dr Georgia Durmush

Research Fellow
Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

Areas of expertise: Indigenous wellbeing; higher education; qualitative research; Indigenous methodology; Indigenous education

HDR Supervisor accreditation status: Provisional

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9109-3825 

Email: georgia.durmush@acu.edu.au

Location:  ACU North Sydney Campus

Dr Georgia Durmush is a proud Wailwan and Gomeroi woman. She is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at the Australian Catholic University. She has a PhD in First Nations youth wellbeing in higher education. Her research interests include First Nations youth, higher education, Indigenous wellbeing, sociology, and Indigenous qualitative research methodology.  

Select publications

Journal articles

  • Durmush, G., Craven, R. G., Yeung, A. S., Mooney, J., Horwood, M., Franklin, A., Duncan, C & Gillane, R. (2023). Enabling Indigenous wellbeing in higher education: Indigenous Australian youth-devised strategies and solutions. Higher Educationhttps://doi.org/10.1007/s10734-023-01067-z 
  • Marsh, H. W., Craven, R. G., Yeung, A. S., Mooney, J., Franklin, A., Dillon, A., Barclay, L., vanWestenbrugge, A., Vasconcellos, D., See, S., Roy, D., Shaik Kadir, M., & Durmush, G. (2022). Self-concept a game changer for academic success for high-achieving Australian Indigenous and NonIndigenous students: Reciprocal effects between self-concept and achievement. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 102135. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cedpsych.2022.102135
  • Durmush, G., Craven, R.G., Brockman, R., Yeung, A.S., Mooney, J., Turner, K., & Guenther, J. (2021). Empowering the voices and agency of Indigenous Australian youth and their wellbeing in higher education. International Journal of Educational Research, 109 (2021), 1-11. doi: /10.1016/j.ijer.2021.101798

Conference papers

  • Durmush, G. & Marder, K. (Presented 30 June, 2023). Decolonising Higher Education Institutions: Enabling Indigenous Australian Higher Education Youth to Define Their Social and Emotional Wellbeing. XX ISA World Congress of Sociology Conference, Melbourne
  • Durmush, G., Fawns, E., Sibir, L., Miller-Porter, A., Craven-Miller, V., Franklin, A., & Craven, R. (Presented June 6, 2022). The Drivers and Barriers to Indigenous University Students’ Successful Transition, Retention and Completion. Tenth Self Conference.
  • Durmush, G., Duncan, C., Craven-Miller, V., Sibir, L., Miller-Porter, A., & Creed, H. (Presenting on 26 October, 2022). What Enables Indigenous University Students’ Success. World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference of Education.
  • Durmush, G. & Duncan, C. (Presented 24 October, 2022). Identifying the Enablers and Barriers of Indigenous University Students Success. Indigenous Wellbeing Conference
  • Durmush, G. (Poster presentation on 24 October, 2022). Empowering Indigenous Thriving: Identifying Conceptions of Wellbeing and Enabling the Voice and Agency of Indigenous Youth in Higher Education. Indigenous Wellbeing Conference.

Projects and Grants

  • Deadly language programs: What works and impact on primary school community. ACU Faculty of Health Sciences Competitive Project Grant 2023. Funding awarded: $10,000
  • Deadly Home Reading Pilot: Development of 7-10 digital books and the piloting of parent-delivered home reading intervention
  • Deadly Start: Literacy, numeracy and wellbeing intervention delivered to preschool children in the Wonnarua
  • Deadly Futures: Literacy and numeracy intervention delivered online by tutors for students in years 3-4.
  • Deadly Universities: Investigating the drivers and barriers to Indigenous students’ success at university
  • Deadly Teaching: Teacher training intervention to build motivation and engagement of primary and secondary students
  • Deadly Parenting: Positive parenting program delivered in the Wonnarua
  • Deadly Languages: Impact of teaching Aboriginal languages in schools
  • IPPE Indigenous Research Internship Program: Immerse ACU undergraduate Indigenous students in the rich and vibrant research culture of a world-leading research institute and provide opportunities for interns to develop research skills

Accolades and awards

Appointments and affiliations

  • ACU Institute for Positive Psychology and Education
    • Research Fellow 2022-present 
    • Research Project Officer 2021 
  • ACU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Committee Member 2022-Present  

Public engagement


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