New digital media have created new possibilities for communication and information. The contemporary global and digital textual world demands critical awareness of texts – selective sources, alternative angles and blurry boundaries between commercial and non-commercial texts. In this project researchers collaborate with practicing teachers and students at the master’s level in teacher education and investigate how pedagogical practices in lower secondary school can empower students to become critical readers and producers of texts. The result of the project will provide a stronger research-based foundation for critical literacy work in lower secondary school and teacher education. By strengthening and expanding collaborations amongst core partners in teacher education, CritLit will bring forward increased knowledge and critical literacy competence in schools and in teacher education programmes.



Project Aim

Critical Literacy in the Digital and Global Textual World (CritLit) aims to advance new learning and pedagogical models for critical literacy in lower secondary school (Year 9, ages14-15), to enable students to become critical consumers and creative producers of digital texts.

Research Partners

The project involves collaboration between several institutions. University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is project owner, and University of Agder (UiA) and Australian Catholic University (ACU) are partners.

One research team will be located at USN and collaborate with pre-service teachers, practicing teacher, and education students at USN, as well as researchers at UiA who will work together with preservice and in-service teachers at Agder. The Norwegian research teams will also collaborate with the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, ACU.

Links or Project Findings

Host university project information, University of South-Eastern Norway

Chief Investigator/s
  • Aslaug Veum (USN) Project leader
  • Eva Maagerø (USN)
  • Karianne Skovholt (USN)
  • Anne Løvland (UiA)
  • Gunhild Kvåle (UiA)
  • Kathy Mills (ACU) International PI



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