This project funding permitted researchers in the Gender and Women’s History Research Centre to convene an international workshop on Christianity in Sengoku and Tokugawa Japan. The workshop focused on two themes that have been overlooked by past literature: emotions and gender.

Papers engaged with gender and/or emotions in the context of Christianity in Japan, from 1549 to 1638. As the performance of gender and feelings is deeply connected, the workshop gave special attention to the intersections of gender and emotions in the work of the Catholic missions in Japan, to fully flesh out the experiences of those who lived and engaged with Japanese Christianity.

Additionally, a panel offered a comparative perspective with other early modern Christian missions. Full articles prepared from the workshop presentations are hoped to be published in a special issue of an international, high-ranked journal.



2021 - 2023

Research team


Gender and emotion in Japanese Christianity (1549-1638) international workshop

Tuesday 7 February 2023

9am Keynote address

Professor Haruko Nawata Ward (Columbia Theological Seminary)

Deciphering Kirishitan women, emotions, and persecution
10am International workshop
6pm Book launch

Interactions Between Rivals: The Christian Mission and Buddhist Sects in Japan (c.1549-c.1647), edited by Alexandra Curvelo and Angelo Cattaneo (Peter Lang, 2022), with a commentary by Professor Ikuo Higashibaba.

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