Professor Bryan S. Turner

ACU Researcher

Areas of expertise: sociology; sociology of religion; social theory; citizenship studies; sociology of Islam

HDR Supervisor accreditation status: Full

Phone: 02 9465 9056


Location: North Sydney campus

ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6378-7144

Professor Turner has held professorships in a number of universities: CUNY USA; National University of Singapore: Cambridge; Wellesley USA; Max Planck Professor Potsdam Germany; University of Utrecht; and in Australia: Flinders; Deakin; UWS; and ACU

Select publications

Turner, Bryan S. (2021) 'Happiness and Aging: two contrasted views' in J.E.Davis and P.Scherz (eds) The Evening of Life Notre Dame Press, ch.7.

Turner, Bryan S. (2021) 'The Political Theology of Covid-19' in Gerard Delanty (ed) Pandemics, Politics and Society, Berlin: De Gruyter.

Turner, Bryan S. (2021) 'Philip Selznick on Law and Society' in Paul van Seters (ed), pp. 129-148.

Susen, Simon and Turner, Bryan S. (2022) 'Classics and Classicality. JCS after 20 years' Journal of Classical Sociology 21(3-4) 227-44.

Turner, Bryan S. (2022) 'The History of Changing Concepts of Health and Illness: Outline of a General Model of Illness Categories' in Susan C. Schrimshaw, Sandra D. Lane, Robert A. Rubinstein and Julian Fishers (eds) The Sage Handbook of Social Studies in Health and Medicine 2nd Edition London: Sage, pp. 82-102.

Turner, Bryan S. (2022) 'Introduction: waves of democracy' in Juergen Mackert, Hannah Wolf and Bryan S. Turner (eds) The Condition of Democracy Vol. 1, London : Routledge, pp. 1-15.

Arslan, Berna Zengin and Turner, Bryan S. (2022) 'Against the 'Exception'. Rethinking Turkish secularism through the Diyanet' in (eds) Fatma Müge Göçek & Gamze Evcimen, co-editors Handbook on the Sociology of the Middle East London: I.B.Taurus. pp. 164-184.

Turner, Bryan S. (2022) 'Vulnerability and existence theory in catastrophic times' Journal of Classical Sociology 22(1):90-94.

Bryan S. Turner (2022) 'Marshall and Dahrendorf: theories of citizenship 1945-2022' Citizenship Studies.

Bryan S. Turner (2022) 'The Fragility of the Ordinary' in Mehmet Emin Balci (ed) Siradanin Kirilganligi Istanbul: Insan, pp. 7-11.

Accolades and awards

In 2022 ranked 9 in Australia and 199 in world; Max Plank Award in Social Science 2015-2022 - 780,000 Euro.

Invited to debate at the Oxford Union on this house proposes to live forever in March 2021.

Appoinments and affiliations

Emeritus Professor in Sociology Graduate Center CUNY USA; Distinguished Honorary Fellow The Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion University of Birmingham UK

Editorial roles

Editor Journal of Classical Sociology (20 years) Editor Citizenship Studies (25 yrs); Series Editor The Anthem Companions to Sociology (20 yrs);

Series Editor Routledge Religion in Contemporary Asia (5yrs).

International journal review panels

Journal of Classical Sociology; Citizenship Studies

Reviewed a manuscript on Politico-Religious Authority Formations in Japan and China for the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press in March 2022.

Grant agency review panels

Regularly review research submission for the ARC.

Public engagement activities

In 2021-22, I have given 3 public online lectures to the public University in the sacred city of Qom in Iran allegedly to audiences in their thousands. I have also had several interviews in Turkey where many of my books have been translated. 


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