Julie Rothacker

Director, Major External Projects (Government)

The Director, Major External Projects (Government) plays a key role in providing expert advice to and influencing and making decisions on behalf of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Enterprise, in relation to strategy, research policy and projects, business intelligence and strategic stakeholder relations, with university wide and external impact. The Director also drives the development and implementation of specific research projects, strategic approaches to external stakeholders to support engagement with state and federal governments.

Julie Rothacker joined ACU in 2023 as the Director of Major External Projects (Government), following previous roles at Monash University, where she served as Director of Research Infrastructure and Director of Platform Operations and Strategy. Her professional journey also includes research positions at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and the University of Melbourne.

Throughout her career, Julie has made a significant impact in higher education, advancing research infrastructure, fostering collaboration, ensuring financial responsibility, and promoting effective governance and reporting. She has demonstrated strong leadership, guiding teams to achieve strategic initiatives while delivering impressive returns on investment and optimising research platform performance.

Julie has also contributed her expertise to various committees, including the National Imaging Facility partnership advisory committee, and has served as a Monash AINSE Councillor. Her consultancy work with universities has further enriched her understanding of the higher education landscape.

In her current role as Director of Major External Projects (Government), Julie brings a versatile skill set that includes leadership, research infrastructure development, strategic planning, financial management, stakeholder engagement, quality assurance, governance expertise, and a talent for fostering collaboration. Her commitment to advancing research and building strategic partnerships remains unwavering as she works to drive positive change in higher education.

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