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Campus AmenityNORTHSYDV12019 


500. Vice-Chancellery Building (40 Edward Street)

501. Chapel (Our Lady Seat of Wisdom)

502. James Carroll Building (40 Edward Street)

503. 42 Edward Street

520. La Salle House (3 Berry Street)

526. Champagnat House (8-10 Berry Street)

527. 12-16 Berry Street

529. 19-21 Berry Street

530. 23 Berry Street

531. 25-29 Berry Street

532. Tenison Woods House (8-20 Napier Street )

533. Caroline Chisholm House (33 Berry Street)

534. 13 Napier Street

540. Mary MacKillop Place (7 Mount Street)

545. 173 Pacific Highway

546. 213 Miller Street


Student Services

Building Level Description
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding502 LevelLevelLevelLevelG DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription502.G.02 IT Assistance/Support
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding1 LevelLevelLevelLevel502.1.35 First Aid Room
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding3 LevelLevelLevelLevel

AskACU Centre

- Counselling Services

- Academic Skills Unit

- Career Development Services

- Student Enrichment

- Disability Services

502.3.17 Indigenous Higher Education Unit

502.3.04 MacKillop Student Association (MAKSA)

BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding503 LevelLevelLevelLevel1 DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription

ACU International

International Student Advisor

BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding532 LevelLevelLevelLevelG DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription

Campus Concierge

Facilities Management


Building Level Description
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding502 LevelLevelLevelLevelG DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription

Library/Student Study Area (access from level 2)

Computer Facility (opposite Moot Court)

BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding1 LevelLevelLevelLevel

Female Shower and Change Room

Male Shower and Change Room

Library/Student Study Area

BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding2 LevelLevelLevelLevel502.2.30 Multi-Faith Room
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding3 LevelLevelLevelLevel


Student Breakout (outdoor area)

BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding526 LevelLevelLevelLevel1 DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescriptionCafe/Student Lounge
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding4 LevelLevelLevelLevelStudent Lounge/Breakout Area
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding6 LevelLevelLevelLevelStudent Lounge/Breakout Area
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding527 LevelLevelLevelLevel6 DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescriptionCo-op Bookshop
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding532 LevelLevelLevelLevelG DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription532.6.19 HDR (Peter Faber Business School)
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding533 LevelLevelLevelLevelG DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescriptionStudent Hub
BuildingBuildingBuildingBuilding545 LevelLevelLevelLevelG DescriptionDescriptionDescriptionDescription545.G.03 Student Common Room


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