Universal fraternity and aspirations for the common good begin with a basic recognition that we need one another.  In this unit you will develop your understanding of the dignity of the human person within the context of a global community.

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Course Justice and Change in a Global World (UNCC300) 
Course dates 8 – 19 July 2019
(Professional Term 5 201955)
Campus   North Sydney
Form(s) of teaching
 Face-face teaching, online learning and community engagement
Form(s) of assessment
 Poster and two written assignments
ACU credit points
10cp - equivalent to 3-4 US credit hours or 7.5 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) 
Contact hours
Approximately 25 hours (class and community engagement*) 
*Current ACU students are not required to attend community engagement activities (approximately 13 contact hours)

July School units have been developed to enhance students’ own studies in an intensive mode and provide a unique perspective on Australian and international society and culture. In this unit we encourage students from all nationalities and backgrounds to think critically and ethically and to develop skills to enable them to contribute to a more just society, in the context of dignity and the common good.

This unit will be of particular interest to students whose future careers will require  them to interact with people who may be vulnerable or whose dignity may be  challenged by the circumstances of their lives. Students of Nursing,  Paramedicine, Law, Teaching, Social Work, Psychology and International  Development among others should consider enrolling in this unit.

Universal fraternity and aspirations for the common  good begin with a basic recognition that we need one another.  In this unit you will develop your  understanding of the dignity of the human person within the context of a global  community.  You will develop skills that  will assist the cooperative efforts of government, business, faith groups, and  not-for-profit agencies to achieve a more just and equitable world. On  completion of this unit you will have acquired the skills and knowledge to  become an active agent for change in an interconnected and interdependent world.

  • Frameworks for Human Dignity
  • Historical examples where  human dignity was absent or violated
  • Human dignity in  contemporary society
  • Case studies
  • Defining advocacy
  • How does one achieve  advocacy in a professional context?
  • Community engagement  principles
  • Models of community  engagement
  • Community engagement -  global organisations
  • Working for change and the  common good

This unit will  include site visits to community organisations that support marginalised  members of our society. Students will also have an opportunity to hear from  expert guest  lecturers in this field.

On successful completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Describe coherently in writing the principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST), and through a personal written commentary on each one, explain how the concepts of 'self' and 'community' are interrelated.
  • Analyse and evaluate the principles of CST in order to write an argument that shows how issues relating to the dignity of the human person and the realisation of the common good may be addressed by you in your professional practice (ie. the degree program you are studying) now and in the future.

This unit will be informed by resource materials that will be referenced by your tutor and provided to you in LEO based on current research in the field of knowledge.

Prerequisites: UNCC100 Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society

UNCC300 is also offered at North Sydney campus in winter term 2019. If you wish to enrol in winter term, please enrol through Student Connect.  For further information in relation to the Core Curriculum, visit: https://www.studentportal.acu.edu.au/ACUInfo/cau/ccu

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