• The loans are up to a maximum value of $4,000
  • A maximum of $1,000 will be paid in a month
  • The loans will be paid in monthly instalments
  • Students may commence or discontinue receiving loan funds up to December 2020
  • Students will need to provide documentary evidence of severe hardship
  • Students must remain enrolled in their studies for Semester 2 2020 and must be studying onshore in Australia
  • Students will not be able to obtain course completion documents until all debts to the University have been repaid.


Students will commence repayment of the loan from August 2020, if they received a loan in the First Semester 2020. 

Students receiving a loan in the Second Semester 2020 will commence repayment in 2021. 

Repayments will be set at $500 per month until the debt is repaid.

Application Process

To apply for a loan, you should first read and then complete the following form:
Hardship Loan Application (47KB)
Your completed application form and supporting documents should be emailed to

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