Our English language courses can help you travel further, improve your job prospects internationally or lead into an undergraduate, postgraduate or research degree. Use our step-by-step guide to understand the application process and requirements, and apply now.

Contact an ACU education agent

There are currently 195 ACU education agents spread across 65 countries who can help you apply to ACU, talk you through the language requirements for our courses and assist you with your visa application.

Search for an authorised ACU agent

Consider admission pathways

If you are enrolling in an English language course as a pathway into an ACU degree program, you can apply for both courses at once. 

To prepare for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, many of our international students complete one of two recognised pathway programs:

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)  
  • Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) – Health Sciences. 
  • Foundation Studies (FS)

EAP, TPP and FS teach students what to expect in ACU degree study, including how to write academic essays, participate in tutorial discussions and give oral presentations.

Find out more about international pathways

Test your English language skills

Test your English with IELTS

If you’re enrolling in an English course other than EAP, you may need to meet our English language requirements.

The most common test to demonstrate your language level is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

If you need to prepare for your IELTS test, we run face-to-face and online courses to help you get ready.

Find out more about our IELTS preparation course

Find out more about our online IELTS preparation course

Test your English with the ACU English Test

You can also demonstrate your language level with the ACU English Test. We offer this test throughout the year at our Brisbane, Melbourne and North Sydney campuses.

Learn more about the ACU English Test

1. Choose your course

Browse our list of English courses that are open to international applicants. Our courses are based on your needs.

Search English language courses available to international students

2. Meet our English language requirements

To study at the ACU English Language Centre, you may need to have a minimum level of English.

English language requirements are shown on each course page.

View the English proficiency requirements for your course

If you want to study an English course as a pathway to further study with us, you should read the proficiency requirements of your desired degree.

View our English proficiency requirements for our degrees

English placement test

If you don’t know how many weeks of English study you need, talk to an ACU education agent in your country. They can book you in to do the Versant English Placement Test  

This 50-minute online test will help you determine how long you need to study English.

Find an ACU education agent to book your placement test

3. Check intake dates

Our English language courses run throughout the year so there is always a course starting soon.

View our current course dates (PDF, 60KB)

4. Gather your documents

English language course

If you’re applying for an English language course, you simply need to provide a certified copy of your passport and evidence of your English proficiency if applicable.

This evidence could be your IELTS result. The Versant Placement Test cannot be used as evidence of your English proficiency.

English language course and degree

If you’re applying for an English language course and a degree program together, you will need to gather certified copies of all the necessary documents for your application.

These documents include:

  • academic qualifications (transcripts and completion certificates)
  • passport
  • evidence of English proficiency
  • any other documents which can support your application, such as evidence of work experience, professional registration and reference letters that are relevant to your course.

Certified documents

Copies of your official documents will need to be certified. A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been ‘certified’ as a true copy. 

Documents can be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or an authorised officer such as a public notary who is not related to you. 

The officer must include his/her professional registration number (if applicable) when certifying your documents.

5.  Apply

When you’re ready to apply, you can make your ACU application through either of the following methods:

Please note: If you are applying online without the assistance of an authorised education agent to study a language course plus an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, an application fee of A$110 will be charged.

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