Phone services

Public telephones can be found at the airport, all suburban shopping centres, railway stations, other public centres and road sides. The cost of a local call is 50 cents. Mobile and interstate calls are charged by the minute. Most public phones accept coins and pre-paid phone cards. Some accept credit cards.

Making an international call

To make an international call from any phone in Australia, follow the steps below:

  • dial 0011, the international access code for Australia
  • dial the country code for the country you wish to call
  • dial the area code for the city you wish to call (do not include a 0 at the start)
  • dial the number you wish to call.

International calls are charged by the minute. You will be required to insert coins if you are using a payphone. If you are calling from a mobile phone, make sure you have sufficient credit before dialling.

Mail services

Australia Post  manages most postal services within Australia. Post Offices can be found at most suburban shopping centres and main shopping streets. Find your nearest Australia Post outlet.

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. However, in some major shopping complexes the post office may also open on Saturdays.

Internet services

The bandwidth in Australia is 900 or 1800 GSM. This means that not all laptops with an internal modem are supported by Australian networks. Visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority for more information.

Free internet access is available on all ACU campuses. Internet access may be provided in your accommodation for a fee. If not, you may like to arrange your own internet connection once you arrive in Australia.

Ensure you check all terms and conditions before signing any internet contract and ensure that you understand how much your plan will cost you and what the charges are if you exceed your download limits.


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