This site has been designed to provide improvements in accessibility, and we are committed to continue to improve the levels of accessibility for all potential users.

Below are some of the features that build on our accessibility compliance:


A 'Skip to Content' link is situated at the top right hand corner of each page. Highlighting the link by tabbing and then pressing 'enter' will skip the focus of the cursor onto the first link in the content area.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have been used for the layout and design of this site. The stylesheets have been designed so that if users turn them off or uses their own personal stylesheets, the pages will still display in a readable format. This is useful for text-only browsers.

Change of text size

Your browser should allow you to change the text size of the content within this site, so you may increase or decrease the text size as you require.

To change your font size, follow the steps below for your browser:

Internet Explorer

  • - Go to the View menu
  • - Select Text Size
  • - Choose the desired text size (e.g larger, largest etc.).


  • - Go to the View menu
  • - Select Text Size
  • - Choose Increase to increase the font size.


  • - Go to the View Menu
  • - Choose Make Text Bigger