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IT provides support for students in their learning and research, including systems, through developing and maintaining computer labs; plus managing infrastructure resources for student related services.

Skilled support teams are available providing student IT services and operational delivery:

  • at Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney from 7:30am to 6:30pm
  • at Ballarat and Canberra from 8:30am to 5pm
  • at Adelaide through Service Desk and Melbourne Desktop Support Teams.

IT services students receive include:

  • an ACU Office 365 email account
  • free WiFi access through the University's networks
  • 40 megabytes of personal server storage space on the Student File Server
  • access to recorded lectures enabling audio and video files to be accessible at a later stage
  • wireless printing
  • induction on ACU systems
  • free anti-virus software available to students on personal devices as well as ACU desktops in public areas through Sophos Endpoint Security and Control
  • free access to an online training library containing over 6,300 courses, spanning more than 267,000 searchable video tutorials for all students
  • student helpdesk in the library.

IT ensures the development and implementation of enhanced delivery systems and infrastructure. For student related services this includes managing:

  • security and risk including regulatory compliance, risk management, security management, privacy and data protection
  • systems access including password - authorising the usage of systems and enabling access through standard controls including systems-specific passwords or single network sign on
  • network access, including internet enabled services and data network management
  • audio-visual systems and classroom technologies.

IT provides proactive communications to inform students on IT matters. IT also develops tailored training materials to increase skills and awareness of students.

ACU Library supports learning and research at ACU by providing:

  • One Library across many locations
  • 24/7 online access to eBooks, databases, journals, videos and other content
  • A range of material, including print books, DVDs, CDs and laptop computers, available for loan
  • Online library guides
  • Endnote software to help manage bibliographies
  • Online learning and teaching resources to support students with their study and research
  • A range of study spaces at each campus library including individual quiet study spaces, informal study spaces, group study rooms and computer workstations
  • After hours facilities at most campus libraries
  • Printing, copying and scanning facilities including wireless printing facilities
  • Support services for students registered with ACU as having print disabilities
  • Online resources to assist students to change format of documents to improve ease of use
  • Leisure reading (including audio books) from the Library website

Our professional staff are available to advise students, either in person at their campus library or online via our Ask Your Librarian service.

Staff from ACU IT are also available at campus Libraries to work with students.

For more information on the Library’s services, resources and facilities visit ACU Library.

The Office of the Vice President is responsible for the Catholic-related operations of the University and co-ordinates with the other portfolios of the University, the co-ordination of new and existing opportunities that reflect the Catholic identity and mission of ACU. The Vice President simultaneously holds the position of Director, Identity and Mission. The Vice President’s portfolio includes the Directorate of Identity and Mission, Campus Ministry, ACU Engagement, the La Salle Academy for Faith Formation and Religious Education, staff formation and the ACU Centre for Liturgy. The portfolio is responsible for the university’s relationships with the local Church and Catholic community, the Holy See and the ACU Rome campus. The Portfolio also serves as a resource for those wishing to better understand and explore the Catholic mission and identity of Australian Catholic University. The Portfolio animates programs and activities that engage, celebrate, and support the University community’s development in and understanding of our Mission, Catholic identity, and living traditions.

Campus Ministry

Grounded in our Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry has as its purpose the mission to cultivate the faith life of all ACU staff and students. Through a range of ministries, Campus Ministry fosters personal spiritual growth, encourages participation in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church, supports other forms of worship and personal prayer, provides opportunities for pilgrimages, retreats and service, and seeks to enhance and develop lifelong faith formation. In particular, Campus Ministry animates opportunities for members of the University community to deepen their experience of faith and to use their gifts and talents in service to the world, while enabling them to engage in an authentic Catholic university experience while studying or working at ACU.

Campus Ministry desires to reflect truth, beauty and goodness through the teachings, sacraments, life and prayer of the Catholic Church. Specifically, Campus Ministry promotes:

  • Prayer and worship
  • Faith development
  • Student and staff retreats
  • Social justice
  • Leadership development
  • Spiritual directions
  • Pastoral care and counselling
  • Groups exploring faith and reason
  • Interfaith dialogue

ACU Engagement

The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) is responsible for the development and implementation of ACU’s Community Engagement Strategy that includes integration of community engagement into ACU’s curriculum across all Faculties; contribution and expansion of community stakeholder relationships; and, broadening and deepening community engagement as a defining representation of the University’s mission.

Grounded in the principles of Catholic Social Thought, ACU Engagement collaborates with Identity and Mission, Campus Ministry, Faculties, Institutes and other organisational units in order to achieve enhanced opportunities for our staff and students to experience community engagement that is academically rich and experientially rewarding for both our staff and students and the communities they serve.

ACU Engagement also works to provide opportunities for ACU staff, students, alumni and affiliates to make a contribution to their community that meets their skills, capabilities, and capacity; and to provide opportunities for our partner organisations to access the skills and resources of ACU to achieve goals that are consistent with the ACU Mission.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) is also responsible for the development and implementation of strategic frameworks that implement the measurement of research engagement and impact.

ACU Engagement undertakes the collection and reporting of Research Engagement and Impact data; and the development and implementation of policies and strategies to increase Research Engagement and Impact. ACU Engagement also works with Faculties and Institutes to encourage, facilitate and promote Research Engagement and Impact outcomes.

ACU Centre for Liturgy

The ACU Centre for Liturgy seeks to promote, support and enhance the liturgical life of the Catholic Church in Australia and the region through tertiary education, scholarship and pastoral formation. It provides high-quality academic programs and research in liturgical studies and sacramental theology through ACU’s Faculty of Theology and Philosophy and La Salle Academy for Religious Education. It also provides practical professional training and development in liturgy and the sacred arts through the Office of the Vice President.

The ACU Centre for Liturgy operates under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President and cooperates with the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy in the delivery of academic programs in liturgy, sacraments and the sacred arts.

LA Salle Academy for Faith Formation and Religious Education

The La Salle Academy provides an integrated approach to curriculum development, delivery and assessment, and faith formation activities. The Academy is committed to training teachers and leaders of faith formation and religious education in a way that extends their competency and efficacy, expands their theological literacy, and equips them with a new set of skills so that they can help the Church find doorways through which contemporary Australians can enter and bring faith and life into dialogue.

Our education and training opportunities develop teachers and leaders with professional efficacy, theological literacy and the skills to bring faith and life into dialogue. Above all else, however, teachers and leaders need to be witnesses; people who live by the spirit of faith.

Academic Coordinator, Catholic Programs

The Vice President’s Office is responsible, through the Academic Coordinator, Catholic Programs, for animating the Catholic Identity and Mission of the University to its staff and stakeholders through a range for staff induction and ongoing formation and professional development programs that engage staff in a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nature of Catholic higher education in general, and the distinct Catholic identity and mission of ACU in particular.

ACU Rome

The Office of the Vice President is responsible to the Vice Chancellor and President for the strategic direction and management of the ACU Campus in Rome. Specifically the Office is responsible for the overall responsibility for the high-level coordination of all matters in relation to the Rome Campus. These matters include property, finances, academic programmes, external education, administrative and student concerns, and stakeholder relationships in Rome and Europe.

As part of the wider portfolio of Education and Innovation, Student Support Services provides students with support services to promote student academic success, student engagement in university life opportunities for student leadership development and opportunities for students to develop graduate attributes making them career-ready professionals.

Student Support Services is responsible for supporting student associations including the ACU National Student Association (ACUNSA) and the Postgraduate Association (PGA). It is also responsible for the delivery of university-wide initiatives that comply with regulatory and statutory requirements, such as Respect. Now. Always. (RNA) and Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults.

The Director, Student Support Services manages and leads the professional student support services including Orientation and first year transition programs which are delivered across the University. These services aim to provide every student with opportunities to succeed with achieving their academic and personal goals.

Student support is available through the following service areas:

Academic Skills Unit

The Academic Skills Unit (ASU) works to develop students' skills and strategies for successful university study.

Skills and strategies taught include transition to tertiary study, managing time, mathematics and numeracy, academic reading, referencing, note taking and academic writing.

For students, there are workshops, consultations, drop-ins, Ask an Advisor all available online and on campus. Students can also access a range of online resources through the Academic Skills Unit LEO site. 
For current students to learn more about services, visit Academic Skills Unit.

For staff, Academic Skills Advisors can assist in the development of integrated academic skills support into teaching programs, as well as provide activities, materials and resources to support student learning. 
For further information about ASU and their services, visit Academic Skills.

Also available is Studiosity which is a 24/7 on-demand study support service. Students may have their written drafts reviewed using the ‘Writing Feedback Service’ or may ask questions using the ‘Connect Live Service’. Studiosity is accessible to all ACU first year students.

Career Development Service

The Career Development Service delivers a comprehensive range of engaging and specialized career services to current students and graduates. Central to this is ACU CareerHub, an online portal which provides students with opportunities for employment, community engagement, work experience, volunteer and Internships.

Students can also make an appointment, access our online service and stay informed of career related events via CareerHub. In addition, the Student Jobs on Campus program provides students with meaningful employment opportunities with ACU staff across national campuses.

For staff, the Career Development Service can assist with working in collaboration with academics in the design, facilitation and assessment of career development learning in the curriculum.

Learn more about the Career Development Service at Career Support.

Counselling and Disability Service

The Counselling and Disability Service (C&DS) is a unit composed of professional staff who provide a free and confidential service to support students during their time at ACU. The counsellors offer free, confidential assessment and counselling support to students both in-person, on the phone or online. The Counsellors offer the Mental Health First Aid © program which educates and raises awareness about mental health and empowers people to respond appropriately. There are early intervention stress management programs offered on each campus and a range of workshops are offered on the campuses to encourage proactive wellbeing management. Counsellor appointments can be booked online and in addition half hour drop-in sessions are available 12 noon to 1pm each day on all campuses, except for Ballarat and Canberra. ACU has joined with University Crisis Line to deliver an out-of-hours crisis counselling service. This service operates from 5pm to 9am (AEST) on weekdays, and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays. During working hours on weekdays students are encouraged to book an appointment with a counsellor on their campus via the Student Portal or utilise the drop-in service. Disability Support is committed to promoting access and equity for students with disabilities and assists to provide an environment in which all students can participate fully in the life of the University. Disability Advisors coordinate adjustments through the development of Education Inclusion plans (EIPs) for students with disabilities, medical conditions, carer responsibilities (caring for a person with a disability or medical/health condition) and temporary illness and injury. Disability Advisors advise and liaise with University staff to assist with understanding and implementing reasonable adjustments. Disability Services assists the University to meet its legal obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992 and the Disability Standards for Education (DSE) 2005.

For further information and to make an appointment to speak with a Counsellor or Disability Advisor, visit Counselling and Disability.

Student Experience

  • Student Advancement and Transactions provides opportunities for students to develop their graduate attributes through leadership development. Student advancement and transactions supports and works closely with the student leaders of non-sporting clubs, societies and associations, providing guidance, direction and opportunities to acquire skills and competencies for work readiness. Learn more about the Student Associations and Clubs.
  • Student Enrichment Activities provides co-curricular activities and events to encourage a sense of belonging to an inclusive and diverse community. Student Enrichment coordinates the University's Orientation program and provides opportunities for students to develop their graduate attributes through participating in programs such as language lessons, creative and performing arts initiatives, debating, toastmasters and oratory.
  • Student Advocacy Service provides students with confidential support, information and referral on matters related to ACU's academic and procedural rules and regulations. The Student Advocacy Service empowers students to navigate the University policies and procedures, creating a culture of student advocacy where the dignity and respect of all parties is maintained. Learn more at Student Advocacy.
  • Membership of the Golden Key International Society provides students with leadership competencies and skills that contribute to their development as active and global citizens.
  • Leadership Program for Students the Leading with Impact Program flexible, customisable and has been developed in line with the ACU Mission and graduate attributes. The program aims to develop leaders who are strategic in their thinking, display empathy and are adaptable in a complex environment. Learn more at Leadership
  • Community Achievers' Program is an alternative entry program for students who have shown a commitment to community service, and the service of others. Once they enter ACU through this program, a series of opportunities are offered to keep these students engaged in the service of others.
  • PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is a free, voluntary, academic support program that provides weekly small group peer-led study sessions to first year students enrolled in specific units that are known to be difficult. Current students can check the Student Portal to find out if there is a PASS program for their units of study.
  • Leadership Program for Students: Leading with Impact comprises of diverse learning experiences and real-life opportunities that students can choose to develop their leadership skills. The program is flexible, customisable and recognised with an ACU Leadership Program Certificate upon graduation. Learn more at Leadership.

For further information about the Student Support Services, visit ACU Student Experience - Support Services website.

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