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Campus offering

No unit offerings are currently available for this unit


MGMT100 Managing People, Systems and Culture


PERS310 International Human Resources

Teaching organisation

3 hours per week for twelve weeks or equivalent.

Unit rationale, description and aim

Globalisation challenges organisations to grapple with complex issues as they seek to gain competitiveness. This unit focuses on the opportunities and challenges associated with managing employees in global crosscultural contexts. The unit is designed to build upon prior knowledge of the principles of human resource management in a domestic setting. Specific emphasis is placed on effective talent management including: remuneration, sourcing staff, managing expatriate assignments, performance management and training and development. The unit also explores strategies that need to be implemented by organisations to maximise their cross-cultural performance and achieve sustainable organizational outcomes.

Learning outcomes

To successfully complete this unit you will be able to demonstrate you have achieved the learning outcomes (LO) detailed in the below table.

Each outcome is informed by a number of graduate capabilities (GC) to ensure your work in this, and every unit, is part of a larger goal of graduating from ACU with the attributes of insight, empathy, imagination and impact.

Explore the graduate capabilities.

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

LO1 - Compare theoretical and practical approaches to human resource management in international and global organisations (GA 4, 6, 8,) 

LO2 - Develop strategies for effectively managing talent to achieve sustainable organisational outcomes across international and global organisations; (GA 4, 6, 8, 9) 

LO3 - Analyse ethical considerations in global human resource management, with a particular focus on diversity (GA 1, 4, 6) 

LO4 - Effectively apply written and oral communication skills, individually or in groups, within a global human resource management context. (GA9) 

Graduate attributes

GA1 - demonstrate respect for the dignity of each individual and for human diversity 

GA4 - think critically and reflectively 

GA6 - solve problems in a variety of settings taking local and international perspectives into account

GA8 - locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information 

GA9 - demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual media 


Topics will include:

  • Introduction to global HRM and sustainability  
  • Global, cultural and organizational context  
  • Modes of global operation  
  • Talent management in global organisations  
  • Industrial relations in a global context 
  • Managing HRM risk situations   
  • Emerging challenges in global HRM 

Learning and teaching strategy and rationale

This unit has been re-written to include the feedback from you. The focus is more on conflict and personal understanding of attitudes to diversity. As your feedback is received changes are made to improve the unit. 

Assessment strategy and rationale

The assessment strategy in this unit is geared towards a working understanding of the HRM support required when organisations include offshore business in their structure. The responsibilities for HRM go far beyond the domestic expectations and the assessment will allow application of learning in this area to develop a level of exposure to the international world of business. The assessment tasks for this unit are designed for you to demonstrate your achievement of each learning outcome.  

In order to pass this unit, you are required to submit all assessment pieces and receive an overall mark of 50/100. 


Overview of assessments

Brief Description of Kind and Purpose of Assessment TasksWeightingLearning OutcomesGraduate Attributes

The Decision


LO1, LO2, LO4

GA4, GA6, GA8, GA9

Country report HRM Perspective


LO2, LO3, LO4

GA4, GA5, GA6

Country Report Lifestyle Poster Presentation


LO1, LO2, LO4

GA1, GA4, GA6, GA9

Country Book


LO1, LO2, LO4

GA1, GA4, GA6, GA9

Representative texts and references

Required text(s) 

E-text: Tarique, I, Briscoe, D R and Schuler, R S, 2015. International Human Resource Management: Policies and Practices for Multinational Enterprises Routledge.  

Recommended references 

Belizón, MJ, Morley, MJ and Gunnigle, P, 2016. Modes of integration of human resource management practices in multinationals. Personnel Review,45(3), pp.539-556. 

Brewster, C., Mayrhofer, W. and Smale, A., 2016. Crossing the streams: HRM in multinational enterprises and comparative HRM. Human Resource Management Review. 

Harzing, AW & Pinnington A 2015, International Human Resource Management, (4th edn), Sage Publications, London.

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