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  • Melbourne
  • Strathfield

Additional information

A minor in Theological Studies helps to cultivate an adult faith and deeper spirituality. Theology gives new enthusiasm, fresh insight and deeper understanding to the gift of faith, and greater depth to spiritual experience. Key themes in Theological Studies include the person and work of Jesus Christ; the Word of God in the Scriptures; the sacraments and the Church’s liturgy; and the values, practices, responsibilities and traditions of a Christian way of life. It relates faith, spirituality and scholarship to a concern for human flourishing, the common good, the dignity of the human person, and stewardship of the environment and all creation.

Various theological approaches will be considered in the light of contemporary worldviews and interfaith dialogue. Students can examine the theme of social justice and its importance in the mission and teaching of Jesus, a study that assists students in thinking critically about the world around them.

Admission requirements

Disclaimer: The course entry requirements above are for 2022 Admission.

Completion requirements

A student must complete 40 cp of the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

  1. 20 cp from 100-level units (Part A);
  2. 20 cp from 200- and/or 300-level units (Part B).

Part A : 100-level Units

Complete exactly 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
THBS100Introduction to the Bible10
THCT100What Christians Believe10

Part B : 200- and 300-level Units

Complete exactly 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
THBS205Narratives of Ancient Israel10Biblical Studies
THBS209New Testament Letters10Biblical Studies
THBS210The Canonical Gospels10Biblical Studies
THBS211Psalms and Old Testament Wisdom Literature10Biblical Studies
THBS212Jewish Society and Literature (516 BCE to 200 CE)10Biblical Studies
THBS220Critical Approaches to the Bible: Interpretation and Exegesis10Biblical Studies
THCT202Christian Symbol, Ritual and Sacrament10Christian Thought
THCT212Jesus the Christ10Christian Thought
THCT213The Triune God10Christian Thought
THCT215Defining Moments in Church History10Christian Thought
THCT220Theological Thinking and Methods10Christian Thought
THCP224Marriage and Family: Catholic Faith and Practice10Christian Practice
THCP225Mission of the Church10Christian Practice
THBS302Johannine Literature10Biblical Studies
THBS303Biblical Prophets10Biblical Studies
THBS304Archaeology and the Bible10Biblical Studies
THCT307Church: Its Nature and Mission10Christian Thought
THCT308Contemporary Issues in Moral Theology10Christian Thought
THCT309The Spirit in Word and Life10Christian Thought
THCT310Australian Catholics: History and Identity10Christian Thought
THCT311The Christian Vision of Being Human10Christian Thought
THCT312Ecumenism: the Quest for Christian Unity10Christian Thought
THCT313Patristics: the Early Church Fathers10Christian Thought
THCT316Introduction to Moral Theology10Christian Thought
THCP301Canon Law of the Church10Christian Practice
THCP304Christian Community Engagement10Christian Practice
THCP305Contemporary Approaches to Pastoral Practice20Christian Practice
THCP306Theology, Immersion and Service-Learning10Christian Practice
THEL300Theology Special Study 110Can be undertaking under any of the discipline areas listed above.
THEL301Theology Special Study 210
THEL302Theology Special Study 310
THEL303Theology Special Study 410
THEL214Cults, Gods and Religion in Ancient Rome10
THEL215All Roads Lead to: Mapping Laudato Si' and UN Sustainable Development Goals10

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