Credit points


Minimum duration

4 years full-time or equivalent part-time.

Approved locations

  • Melbourne
  • Strathfield

EFTSL value of units : EFTSL value of units: All 10 cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

Admission requirements

An applicant must also comply with the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy .

To be eligible for admission to the course, an applicant must have completed the following prerequisites at year 12 level, or equivalent.


New South Wales

English (Standard) (Band 2) or English (Advanced) (Band 2) or EAL (Band 3)


Units 3 and 4 - a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or 25 in any other English.

International applicants need to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements as defined in the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy .

Disclaimer: The course entry requirements above are for 2022 Admission. Refer to your relevant Tertiary Admission Centre website for future years' entry requirements.

Completion requirements

To qualify for the degree, a student must complete 320 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

a. 160 cp from Bachelor of Psychological Science Units:

  1. 140 cp from Specified Psychology Units (Part A);
  2. 10 cp from Psychology Elective Units (Part B);
  3. 10 cp from Psychology Community Engagement Unit (Part C).


b. 160 cp from Bachelor of Commerce Units:

  1. 50 cp from Specified Commerce Units (Part D);
  2. 80 cp from Commerce Major Units in Human Resource Management, Management, or Marketing (Part E);
  3. 10 cp from Business Elective Unit (Part F);
  4. 20 cp from Core Curriculum Units (Part G).

Progression requirements

Students are required to follow the pattern of unit enrolment set out in the relevant Course Enrolment Guide, unless otherwise approved by the Course Coordinator. In all aspects of progress through the course, students will be advised by the Course Coordinator.

Part A : Specified Psychology Units

Complete exactly 140 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
PSYC100Foundations of Psychology10
PSYC101Applications of Psychology10
PSYC104Research Design and Statistics I10
PSYC108Psychological Practice: Theory and Techniques10
PSYC200Life Span Development10
PSYC206Research Design and Statistics II10
PSYC212Abnormal Psychology10
PSYC213Individual Differences10
PSYC214Learning and Behaviour10
PSYC307Cognitive Psychology10
PSYC311Research Design and Statistics III10
PSYC313Social Psychology10
PSYC314Psychological Assessment10
PSYC315Brain and Behaviour10

Part B : Psychology Elective Units

Complete exactly 10 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
PSYC109Applied Positive Psychology10
PSYC207Culture and Psychology10
PSYC208Organisational Psychology10
PSYC211Small Group Processes10
PSYC215Evolutionary Psychology10
PSYC216Forensic Psychology10
PSYC219Psychology of Religion10
PSYC316Health Psychology10
PSYC317Introduction to Neuropsychology10
PSYC318Psychology of Alcohol and Drugs10
PSYC319Psychology of Sexuality and Gender10
PSYC320Emotion and Social Cognition10
PSYC321Psychology of Eating Behaviour10
PSYC322Critical Thinking and Research Skills for Psychology10

Part C : Psychology Community Engagement Units

Complete exactly 10 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
PSYC310Psychological Services Experience10

Part D : Specified Commerce Units

Complete exactly 50 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
BUSN104Money Matters10Business Foundation Unit
BUSN112Managing Markets10Business Foundation Unit
BUSN113Managing People and Organisations10Business Foundation Unit
CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
BUSN304Working with Diversity and Conflict10
BIPX301Professional Experience10
CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
ITEC100Information Technology Professional Skills and Practices10

Part E : Commerce Major Units

Complete exactly 1 of the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
HRMGHuman Resource Management80
MNGTManagement80Students choosing the Management Major will be required to study these units on the ACU campus in North Sydney since they are not offered on the Strathfield campus.

Part F : Business Elective Unit

Complete exactly 10 credit points from the following:

Students may select their Business Elective unit from the Schedule of Unit Offerings of other business courses at ACU, subject to unit availability and provided that prerequisite requirements are met.

Part G : Core Curriculum Units

Complete exactly 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
UNCC100Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society10
PHCC102Being Human10
PHCC104Ethics and the Good Life10
CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
UNCC300Justice and Change in a Global World10
PHCC320The Just Society10

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