Credit points


Campus offering

No unit offerings are currently available for this unit


EDET101 Effective Teaching 2: Curriculum, Planning and Pedagogy ; or EDET111 Effective Teaching 2 Curriculum Planning and Pedagogy


EDFX343 Education Studies and Professional Experience 3: Creating Quality Learning Environments ; EDET200 Effective Teaching 3: Engaging Learners and Managing Learning Environments

Teaching organisation

Includes: 15 days placement in an educational setting

Unit rationale, description and aim

Well–designed learning environments that are engaging, inclusive and safe promote the achievement of learning outcomes. Teachers must be able to apply effective practices to create positive and nurturing learning environments that respectfully meet learners’ needs and foster the holistic growth of very young children.

This unit develops the professional communication, management and organisational skills that are needed to create positive learning environments that nurture and engage very young children in learning, guide learner behaviour and promote positive physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Pre–service teachers will examine contemporary research, policies and key theories on understanding and positively guiding the behaviour of very young children within education settings. They will explore a range of strategies to create positive and engaging learning environments that will support a healthy and holistic start to life and manage behaviours that alert teachers to unmet needs, including physical arrangement of the classroom and communicating clear expectations for behaviour, participation, learning and development. Pre–service teachers will apply these to the critical analysis of real–world case studies. They will synthesise theories, policy and practice to develop a holistic approach to building positive learning environments that nurture the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of very young children, positively guide learner behaviour and manage challenging behaviours that are alerting teachers to unmet learner needs.

The aim of this unit is to enable pre–service teachers to acquire and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively promote positive behaviours and wellbeing and ensure meaningful engagement in learning. These skills will be applied during a 15–day professional experience placement.

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