Credit points


Minimum duration

3 years part-time.

Approved locations

  • Ballarat
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne
  • North Sydney
  • Strathfield

EFTSL value of units : All 10cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a credit point (cp) value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

Admission requirements

An applicant must also comply with the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy.

To be eligible for admission to the course, an applicant must:-

  1. be enrolled in an ACU bachelor degree and have completed a minimum of 40 credit points; or
  2. have completed the equivalent of year 12 level.

International students need to meet the English Language Proficiency requirements as defined in the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy.

Disclaimer :The Course entry requirements above are for 2021 Admission.

Completion requirements

To qualify for the Diploma, a student must complete 80 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings, consisting of:

  1. 60 cp from specified Language Units (in one language only) (Part A)
  2. 20 cp from approved Faculty Units (Part B)
  3. Students enrolled concurrently in an ACU undergraduate degree and the Diploma in Languages must complete units approved by their respective Faculty.

Students enrolled in the Diploma in Languages as a stand-alone diploma may complete 20 cp from any approved 100-Level Faculty units.

Part A : Language Units

Complete exactly 60 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
ITAN101Introductory Italian10
ITAN102Elementary Italian A10
ITAN103Elementary Italian B10
ITAN201Intermediate Italian A10
ITAN202Intermediate Italian B10
ITAN203Italian for Social and Professional Purposes10
SPAN101Introductory Spanish10
SPAN102Elementary Spanish a10
SPAN103Elementary Spanish B10
SPAN201Intermediate Spanish a10
SPAN202Intermediate Spanish B10
SPAN203Spanish for Social and Professional Purposes10

Part B : Faculty Units


Part B.1 : Education and Arts

Complete 0 to 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
ARTS112Art in the Early 20th Century10
ARTS237Postmodern Art in the 20th Century10
COMM102Introduction to Communication10
COMM213Interpersonal Communication10
COMM222Communication in a Global Society10
DVST100Introduction to International Development Studies10
DVST200Refugees and Forced Migration10
ECON204Development Economics10
ECON209Global Economy10
EDES103Understanding Learners and Their Contexts10
EDES104Digital Cultures and Capabilities10
EDES105Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledges Histories and Cultures10
ENGL110Reading Literature: Form and Genre10
ENGL202Twentieth-Century Literature10
ENGL210Shakespeare and the Renaissance10
ENGL224Romantic Generations10
EDEN100Foundations of Literacy10
EDSI100Science in Our World10
GEOG100Changing Planet Earth10
GEOG101Global Human Environments10
GEOG204Environmental Sustainability: the Global Challenge10
GEOG206Climate Change: Past, Present and Future10
GEOG207Precarious States: Development, Geopolitics and Livelihoods10
GEOG208Natural Hazards, Disasters and Resilience10
HIST105Early Modern Europe10
HIST112Film and History10
HIST114Fall of the Roman Republic10
HIST115Global History: Six Degrees of Separation10
HIST209Revolutionary Europe 1789-191710
HIST215Europe Divided and United 1945-Present10
HIST216Europe in the Middle Ages and Beyond10
HIST229Rebels and Revolutions in Latin America10
HIST230Life and Death in Pompeii10
HIST251Human Rights in History10
HIST255The Ancient Near East10
HIST256War and Peace10
HUMA250Ancient Greek History and Drama10
HUMA252Art, Politics and Society in Renaissance and Baroque Rome10
HUMA317History and Geography of Rome10
MUSC162Writing About Music: Legacies and Futures10
MUSC280Music, Culture and Diversity10
MUSC281Popular Music: Stage and Screen10
MUSC282Western Classical Music10
PERF104Drama's Greatest Hits: Performing Drama History10
PERF215On Screen Movies Tv Video Games10
POLS104Introduction to International Relations10
POLS105Introduction to Human Rights10
POLS201Middle Eastern Politics10
POLS211The Dragon Awakens: China and the New World10
POLS213Security, Terrorism and Human Rights10
SOCS108Contemporary Society and Change10
SOCS206Globalisation, Religion and Modernity10
SOCS209Race and Ethnicity: Australian and Global Perspectives10
SOCS226Global Youth Cultures10
SOCS243Global Health10

Part B.2 : Health Sciences

Complete 0 to 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
ALHT106Psychology for Allied Health10
EXSC119From Health to High Performance Sport10
EXSC296Health and Exercise Psychology10
HLSC111The Person, Health and Wellbeing10
HLSC120Indigenous Health and Culture10
HLSC220Health Care Ethics10
OTHY201Contextual Determinants of Health, Illness and Disability10
PHIL201Issues in Bioethics10
PSYC100Foundations of Psychology10
PSYC200Life Span Development10
PUBH101Foundations of Public Health Communication10
PUBH200Globalisation, Environment and Health10
SPHY100Communication and Development Across the Lifespan10

Part B.3 : Law and Business

Complete 0 to 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
LAWS104Foundations of Law and Legal Research10
LAWS107Introduction to Australian Public Law10
LAWS202Comparative Legal Systems10
BUSN104Money Matters10
BUSN111Working with Technology10
BUSN112Managing Markets10
BUSN113Managing People and Organisations10

Part B.4 : Theology and Philosophy

Complete 0 to 20 credit points from the following:

CodeTitleCredit PointsNotes
PHIL100Philosophy: the Big Questions10
PHIL107Philosophy of World Religions10
PHIL200Contemporary Moral Problems10
PHIL201Issues in Bioethics10
PHIL202Justice, Authority and Human Rights10
PHIL210Language, Meaning and Truth10
PHIL213Postmodern European Philosophy10
PHIL214Medieval Philosophy10
PHIL215Early Modern Philosophy10
PHIL224Ancient Greek Philosophy10
THBS205Narratives of Ancient Israel10
THCT205Church and Social Context10
THCT215Defining Moments in Church History10
THEL100Biblical Hebrew A10
THEL101New Testament Greek A10
THEL102Ecclesiastical Latin A10
THEL205Ecclesiastical Latin B10
THEL206Medieval Latin10
THEL207Biblical Hebrew B10
THEL208New Testament Greek B10
THEL209Study Tour in Theology20
THSR200Introducing Asian Religions10
THSR202Religion in Australian Culture10
THSR206Introduction to Islam10
THSR207Introduction to Judaism10

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