Thousands of reasons to apply for an ACU scholarship

Imagine what it would be like to not have to worry about the financial side of university.

For Stanthorpe Occupational Therapy student Eloise Biggins, receiving two scholarships at Australian Catholic University (ACU) had an enormous impact on her life.

“I was fortunate to be awarded both the Gleeson Family Scholarship and the Catherine McAuley scholarships last year,” she said.

“The generosity of donors towards my scholarships has allowed me to achieve a better balance between work and study and has alleviated financial barriers that I would have faced, especially in my first year of university.

“The scholarships have helped reduce my tuition fees, covered the cost of numerous textbooks, placement uniforms and helped with my weekly rent, allowing me to make the most of the opportunities that have been offered at university.

The financial help has been greatly appreciated by Eloise, but there is also an element of emotional support that accompanies any scholarship which has made an enormous difference.

“The notion that a donor has hand-picked you, out of all their applications is an encouraging and motivating sensation. Personally, having someone invest in my future education and success is extraordinary and drives me to make them proud and myself worthy of their support,” Eloise said.

One of ACU’s scholarship donors, Mary Curran, who provides the Mary Curran Scholarship to second- or third-year nursing students, is keen to give back to the ACU community.

“Having been fortunate in my life, I’ve always been keen to give back something, particularly to somewhere like a university where people are learning and so can subsequently give back in their own way”, she said.

Going to university is an exciting time for new students: meeting new people, getting used to the differences between school and university, and studying for that dream career. ACU’s generous scholarships can make the difference between the dream and reality.

The University offers a wide range of scholarships and bursaries which provide financial assistance to students. A variety of these scholarships are available for first year students who are studying at ACU. Applications are open until 5 March.

“My advice to other students would be to look at the scholarships and bursaries available, and if you’re eligible, apply. You just never know,” Eloise said.

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