Delve into the world of ideas, ethics and deep reflection with the Thinking Philosophy podcast. This 10-part series explores issues in moral philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of religion and bio-ethics through interviews with leading philosophers from the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, the Dianoia Institute and the Institute of Philosophy and the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry.

Thinking Philosophy is available to download from iTunes store or at Podbean.

Episode 1 – Everyone's responsibility

Australia should close its borders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Banks should offer discounts to first home buyers. Greenpeace should stick to legal protests. If you’ve ever made one of these statements – or something like them – you’ve entered the thorny philosophical territory about the relationship between individual and group duties, explored here with Associate Professor Stephanie Collins.

Episode 2 – Why physics needs philosophy

Stephen Hawking famously claimed that philosophy was dead in the face of advances in physics. But the next advances in science may need metaphysics to enable us to rethink our concept of time or to develop new kinds of mathematics, argues Dr Sam Baron.  

Episode 3 – Embracing doubt

From communism to the Christian right, believers often demand absolute faith. But it is possible to simultaneously believe and maintain healthy doubt, argues Dr David Newheiser

Episode 4 – When utilitarianism fails

The greatest good for the greatest number is a moral mantra for many, but it can lead to exploitation of the few.  

Episode 5 – Ethics beyond emotions

Morality does not require guilt, blame or shame. Dr Tyler Payras examines a rational ethical system determined to take emotions out of the equation.

Episode 6 – The moral cost of inheritance

Inheritance is a core reason for increasing social inequity. Dr Stewart Braun discusses why we should use estate taxes to limit intergenerational wealth transfer and explores whether any form of inheritance is morally justifiable.

Episode 7 – Finding human dignity

Dr David Kirchhoffer discusses how our understanding of our own value and the value of others – not as units as economy but as human beings – is key to the kind of society we build.

Episode 8 – Facing suffering

How we cope with the inevitable anguish of an uncertain and pain-filled life is the key existential question of being human. Dr Jamie Parr draws on the work of Friedrich Nietzsche to offer guidance in the face of suffering.

Episode 9 – Dilemmas of dementia

An increasing number of people face the difficult question of how to relate to parents and partners suffering from dementia. Dr Steve Matthews looks at how the philosophical understanding of the nature of self can guide carers with everyday dilemmas.

Episode 10 – Life and death ethics

Health care providers use philosophy to make decisions from hot button issues such as abortion and euthanasia to big picture questions such as health care rationing. Associate Professor Bernadette Tobin works with them to guide the decision-making process.

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