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The ACU Tax Clinic provides free, expert tax advice for ACU’s international students and members of the Melbourne community who are unfamiliar with Australian tax law and are unable to afford professional tax advice.


Room number 421.3.03
115B Victoria Parade
Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building
Fitzroy, Melbourne Vic 3065

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We’re committed to making your tax-related concerns easier to manage. Visit us and we’ll help you navigate Australia’s tax system.

The ACU Tax Clinic is a teaching clinic which is staffed by final year students enrolled in a range of programs managed by ACU’s Faculty of Law and Business. Student participating in the ACU Tax Clinic are not registered tax agents.

All advice and assistance are provided under the supervision of a registered tax agent.

Our services are provided free of charge to clients who meet the criteria for an unrepresented taxpayer.

You remain responsible for paying all other expenses which may arise in relation to your matter including your personal income tax liability if any.

Why use the ACU Tax Clinic

  • Expert supervision: Our ACU Tax Clinic is carefully supervised by our academic staff who are experts in Australian taxation law. You can trust that you will receive excellent guidance.
  • Final-year undergraduates: Our program is run by final-year undergraduate students who have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in Australian taxation law. They are ready to assist you with your tax-related questions.
  • Free service: The ACU Tax Clinic is completely free for both international students enrolled at our Melbourne Campus, as well as people living in Melbourne who may require support with their tax matters.

How we can help you

The ACU Tax Clinic helps clients in need on Friday afternoons, Melbourne Campus, during semesters 1 and 2 (if final year accounting students have enrolled in the tax clinic WIL unit).

Areas we can help with include:

Correspondence from the Australian Taxation Office

If you have received correspondence from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and you do not understand it, or don’t know what you need to do in response, we can assist.

Disagreeing with your tax assessment

If you disagree with your tax assessment, we can help you understand your rights and options for what to do next.

Outstanding tax debts

If you have difficulty paying your outstanding tax debts, we can help you negotiate a payment plan with the Australian Taxation Office.

Penalties and interest

If you have been charged penalties or interest by the Australian Taxation Office, we can help you apply for a reduction or waiver of those charges.

Income and expenses

We can assist you to work out whether an amount is income (and subject to tax), and whether an expense could be tax-deductible (and therefore reduce your tax payable).

Current and/or prior year tax returns

If you think you need help lodging your current year tax return, or you have outstanding tax returns from prior years, we can assist.

Residency for tax purposes

We can help you determine if you are a resident for Australian tax purposes.

Who is eligible for this service

The ACU Tax Clinic will aid unrepresented and/or international students taxpayers who:

Where to find us

Visit our team at the address below:

Room number 421.3.03
115B Victoria Parade
Saint Teresa of Kolkata Building
Fitzroy, Melbourne Vic 3065

Our opening hours: The tax clinic will be run on Wednesdays from 1:00pm – 4:00pm during the Semester-1 and Semester-2 dates and conditional upon availability of final year accounting students enrolled in the Tax Clinic Work Integrated Learning Project. Also, consultations are provided ONLY by appointment.

Email us:

The ACU Tax Clinic is run by a registered tax agent, who provides tax agent services and supervises ACU students on a placement with the Clinic.  Students on a placement with the Clinic are not authorised to give advice, or to provide a tax agent service. The only person at the Clinic who is authorised to give advice (as part of a tax agent service) is the Clinic Supervisor, who is a registered tax agent. The Clinic Supervisor is not authorised to, and will not, provide legal advice.

The content of this Website is general in nature and is provided for information purposes only. We believe that the information on this website is accurate, but it is provided without warranty or assumption of a duty of care to any person and we do not accept liability for any loss arising from use of the information. The content of this Website does not constitute financial, tax or legal advice and should not be relied on as a substitute for tax or other professional advice. Any such advice should be tailored to your particular circumstances.

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