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Professor Justin Kemp, Head of School

Professor Kemp is a published exercise science academic, course coordinator, author and former radio broadcaster, having spent 16 years bringing to life the weekly “Run Like You Stole Something” show. His books include Run Like You Stole Something (2003), Why Dick Fosbury Flopped (2006) and It’s True: Sport Stinks (2006).

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Jackie Stevens – Lecturer

Exercise Science

Dr Gert Jan Pepping – Deputy Head of School, Head of Discipline (Speech Pathology)

Associate Professor John Saunders

Dr Mark Creaby – Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael Cole – Senior Lecturer

Dirk Melton – Senior Lecturer

Jemima Spathis – Lecturer

Kassia Beetham – Lecturer

Daniel Van den Hoek – Lecturer

Adam Hewitt – Lecturer

Dr Peter Le Rossignol – Senior Lecturer

Dr Andrew Townshend – Lecturer

Dr John Mahoney – Lecturer

Dr Matthew Sweeney – Lecturer

Dr Richard Johnston – Lecturer

Hellene Bakker – Associate Lecturer

Dr Matt Sweeney – Lecturer, Industry Experience Coordinator

Jen Kneen – Administrative Officer


Dr Kimberley Mallan – Deputy Head of School 

Dr Deanne Armstrong – Lecturer

Dr Anthony Benedetti – Counselling Placement Coordinator

Cathy Bone – Placements Coordinator

Rebecca Bates – Administrative Officer (School of Psychology)

Dr Tina Habota - Clinic Director and Senior Lecturer


Isabelle Lys – Senior Lecturer

Zoltan Rusznak – Senior Lecturer

Francesca Fernandez – Lecturer

Clare Flakelar – Lecturer

Roger Lord – Lecturer


Carol Bradley – Team Leader

Exercise Science

Professor Louise Burke – Professor, Centre for Exercise and Nutrition

Dr Matthew Hoon – Lecturer

Dr Meg Ross – Postdoctoral Fellow


Michael Larkin – Lecturer

Exercise Science

Professor John Hawley – Director, The Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

Professor David Dunstan

Dr Doug Whyte – Senior Lecturer

Dr Elizabeth Bradshaw – Senior Lecturer

Dr Paul Callery – Senior Lecturer

Ms Sandy Allen-Craig – Senior Lecturer

Dr Stuart Cormack – Senior Lecturer

Dr Vanessa Rice – Senior Lecturer

Dr Alyse Wilcox – Lecturer

Dr Beth McLeod – Lecturer

Dr Cameron Wilson – Lecturer

Dr Christian Pitcher – Lecturer

Dr David Opar – Lecturer

Elizabeth Aumand – Lecturer

Paul Tofari – Lecturer

Dr Ryan Timmins – Lecturer

Anthony Whitty – Lecturer, Industry Experience Coordinator

Dr Bianca Share – Lecturer, Industry Experience Coordinator

Dr Donny Camera – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Nolan Hoffman – Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Inactivity and Metabolic Health)

Dr Evelyn Parr – Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Brooke Devlin – Clinical Research Officer (Dietician)

Taryn Miller – Administrative Officer

Emma Grella – Personal Assistant/Project Officer


Professor Peter Wilson

Professor Peter Rendell

Associate Professor Leah Brennan

Associate Professor Gill Terrett

Assoc Professor Karen Caeyenberghs

Honorary Professor Dr Sabine Hammond

Dr Helen Aucote – Senior Lecturer

Dr Tom Whelan – Senior Lecturer

Dr Lisa Milne – Senior Lecturer

Dr Xochitl De la Piedad Garcia – Senior Lecturer

Dr Leah Kaufmann – Lecturer

Dr Katie Bunch – Psychology and Counselling Clinic Director

Dr Izelle Labuschagne – Research Fellow

Dr Sarah Stewart – Psychology Placement Coordinator (Clinical)

Dr Emma Little – Psychology Placement Coordinator (Ed & Dev)

Anne Clark – Counselling Placement Coordinator

Annika Taylor – Administrative Officer (School of Psychology)

Niamh Fleming – Administrative Officer

Karen Grech - Administrative Officer

Public Health

Dr John Oldroyd – Senior Lecturer, Master of Public Health Course Coordinator

Dr Alison Hughes – Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael Taylor – Senior Lecturer

Dr Melanie Lowe – Lecturer

Dr Stephen Fisher – Lecturer


Dr Genevieve Morris – Deputy Head of School, Senior Lecturer

Tanya Uebergang – Senior Lecturer

Jodi Sita – Senior Lecturer

Belinda Martinac – Lecturer

Eileen Lay – Lecturer

Lara Grollo – Lecturer

Laurine Hurley – Senior Lecturer

Santha James – Senior Lecturer

Phillip Parker – Senior Lecturer

Karina Patrick – Administrative Officer

Manal Hanna – Administrative Officer

Public Heath

Dr Klaus Gebel – Senior Lecturer

Dr Rimante Ronto – Lecturer


Dr Jennifer Taylor – Deputy Head of School, Senior Lecturer

Wendy Relf – Lecturer

Cliff Seery – Senior Lecturer

Ian Cathers – Senior Lecturer

Pre De Silva – Senior Lecturer

Abdur Rouf – Lecturer

Cath Jameson – Lecturer

Christopher Austin – Lecturer

Fiona Ballard – Lecturer

Hemant Mehta – Lecturer

Jonathan Teoh – Lecturer

Lisa Pearson – Administrative Officer

Exercise Science

Associate Professor David Greene – Deputy Head of School

Dr Craig Duncan – Senior Lecturer

Dirk Melton – Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael Baker – Senior Lecturer

Dr Angelica Thompson– Butel – Lecturer

Dr Justine Stynes – Lecturer

Kelly Johnson – Lecturer

Dr Mark Moresi – Lecturer

Dr Michaela Bruton – Lecturer

Michael Noetel – Lecturer

Dr Paul Taylor – Lecturer

Dr Phillip Chapman – Lecturer

Dr Raul Landeo – Lecturer

Dr Timothy Hartwig – Lecturer

Dr Kerrie Basclain – Associate Lecturer, Industry Experience Coordinator

Michael Psarakis – Associate Lecturer, Industry Experience Coordinator

Grace Trad – Administrative Officer

Stella Chan Lin Fat – Courses Administrator


Dr Francesco Foroni – Senior Lecturer - Assistant Deputy Head of School

Dr Keong Yap – Associate Professor - Clinical Master Course Coordinator

A/Prof Rachel Dryer - Associate Professor

Dr Oscar Modesto – Lecturer - Undergraduate Course Coordinator

Dr Kirsten Challinor – Lecturer - Honours Course Coordinator

Ms Michelle Tadros - Lecturer - Placement Coordinator for Clinical Masters

Ewa Geba – Senior Lecturer - Psychology & Counselling Clinic Director

Anne-Maree Milic – Administrative Officer

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