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Professor Elspeth Froude, National Head of School (Allied Health)

Professor Elspeth Froude is a Professor of Occupational Therapy and National Head of School Allied Health responsible for the four disciplines represented in the school, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology. Professor Froude is a current academic elected, member of ACU Senate. She is an active researcher in the field of childhood disability.

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Professor Elspeth Froude - National Head of School

James Morrison - Team Leader

Garth Edwards - Administration / Project Officer

Rosalie Devcich - Personal Assistant / Project Officer


Diane Hughes - Lecturer

Occupational Therapy

Sarah Macneil - Lecturer / Professional Practice Coordinator

Shelley Wright - Senior Lecturer


Belinda Bilney - Assistant Deputy Head, School of Allied Health Ballarat

Charles Flynn - Lecturer

Alison Griffiths - Lecturer

Brent Lalor - Lecturer / Clinical Coordinator

Shari Maver - Lecturer

Kylie McMahon - Lecturer

Michelle Parker - Lecturer

Lauren Phillips - Lecturer

Konrad Slavinskis - Lecturer / Clinical Coordinator

Ian Wellwood - Associate Professor


Nicole Powell - Administrative Officer

Allied Health Clinic

Katherine Beiers - Professional Practice Educator

Carly Betts - Professional Practice Educator

Taylah Conley - Professional Practice Educator

Janis Hinson - Professional Practice Educator

Sarah Scott - Professional Practice Educator


Zachary Conway - Lecturer

David Good - Senior Lecturer Anatomy & Pre-Clinical Sciences

Occupational Therapy

Nicholas Flynn - Lecturer

Rosamund Harrington - Senior Lecturer

Julie Hughes - Lecturer

Cheryl Kotzur - Lecturer

Wendy Milgate - Lecturer

Laura Miller - Associate Professor

Benita Powrie - Senior Lecturer


Alison Blunt - Lecturer

Mark Brown - Clinic Coordinator, Allied Health Clinics

Jane Clarke - Senior Lecturer

Iain Dutia - Lecturer

Julie Gauchwin - Lecturer (Clinical Coordinator)

Kathleen Hall - Senior Lecturer

Judith Hough - Deputy Head, School of Allied Health QLD

Suzanne Kuys - Professor

Mary Lynch - Senior Lecturer

Shreya McLeod - Lecturer

Vaughan Nicholson - Senior Lecturer

Carolyn Rutter - Lecturer

Christine Sonsearay - Lecturer

Gail Wickham - Clinical Educator, Neurology Physiotherapist

Social Work & Human Services

Philip Clark - Lecturer

Angella Duvnjak - Senior Lecturer

Helen Redfern - Lecturer

Speech Pathology

Erin Conway - Deputy Head, School of Allied Health QLD

Katherine Cooper - Senior Lecturer

Anna Cronin - Lecturer

Sharon Crosbie - Senior Lecturer

Jennifer Davis - Lecturer

Kieran Flanagan - Senior Lecturer

Joanne Folker - Lecturer

Gabriella Sharpe - Lecturer


Tracy Brooke - Administrative Officer

Claudette Graham - Administrative Officer

Feifei Hu - Administrative Officer

Social Work & Human Services

Michael Adu Adjei - Lecturer

Eliana Sarmiento - Lecturer

Rhys Thorpe - Lecturer

Elise Woodman - Senior Lecturer

Allied Health Clinic

Rebecca Jamieson - Professional Practice Educator

Jody Timms - Professional Practice Educator

Thien Truong - Professional Practice Educator


Stephanie Vernon - Lecturer

Occupational Therapy

Tamara Boatman - Lecturer

Liana Cahill - Senior Lecturer

Susan Darzins - Senior Lecturer

Alexandra Logan - Senior Lecturer

Mina Lonsdale - Lecturer

Claire Lynch - Senior Lecturer

Jennifer O'Brien - Lecturer

Anna Pritchard - Lecturer

Lisa Robin - Lecturer

Natalie Roche - Lecturer

Loretta Sheppard - Deputy Head, School of Allied Health VIC/ACT

Kerrie Thomsen - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Curriculum & Pedagogy Coordinator

Belinda Woods - Lecturer

Speech Pathology

Amanda Brignell - Senior Lecturer

Danielle Czapnik - Lecturer

Nicole Free - Lecturer

Diane Jacobs - Associate Professor

Valerie Panayiotou - Lecturer

Michelle Smith-Tamaray - Senior Lecturer

Lauryn Stewart - Lecturer

Kerry Ttofari Eecen - Senior Lecturer


Anita Drakulic - Administrative Officer

Occupational Therapy

Melissa Aguey-Zinsou - Lecturer

Tracey Denton - Lecturer

Belinda Deramore-Denver - Lecturer

Helen Hawke - Senior Lecturer

Beth Lee - Lecturer

Beth Little - Lecturer

Kathleen Makroglou - Lecturer

Renai Pillay - Lecturer

Jessica Rafanelli - Lecturer

Margaret Wallen - Associate Professor

Elisa Yule - Deputy Head, School of Allied Health NSW

Leearne Zakrzewski - Lecturer


Wendy Annable - Lecturer

Jane Butler - Associate Professor

Sonia Coates - Lecturer

Simone Dorsch - Senior Lecturer

Cathryn Emmerson - Lecturer

Carolyn Gates - Lecturer / Clinical Coordinator

Alison Hodges - Lecturer

Nia Luxton - Senior Lecturer

Lyndal Maxwell - Senior Lecturer

Lieszel Plumbe - Lecturer

Michael Reynolds - Deputy Head, School of Allied Health NSW

Speech Pathology

Elle-Jane Auert - Associate Lecturer

Lisa Dent - Lecturer

Nisrine El-Choueifati - Lecturer

Wendy Favorito - Lecturer

Natalie Berg - Senior Lecturer

Jane McCormack - Associate Professor

Eva Nemeth - Lecturer

Megan Trebilcock - Senior Lecturer


Dominique Grady - Administrative Officer

Nilla Madera - Administrative Officer


Shreya McLeod - Lecturer

Social Work

Suzanne Hodgkin - Professor

Sonia Martin - Senior Lecturer

Social Work & Human Services

Aniqa Farwa - Assistant Deputy Head, School of Allied Health Strathfield

Michelle Gilad - Lecturer

Jennifer McConachy - National Professional Practice Coordinator

Natalie Morton - Senior Lecturer

Michelle Parker - Lecturer

Bethany Wilkinson - Lecturer


Nicole Gallaway - Administrative Officer

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