Place, Space and Religious Identity

This wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary programme intends to raise broad questions about how we relate to the world and how space and place shapes, and is shaped by, religious identities and experiences throughout times and cultures.


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17 February 2020

End Date

18 February 2020

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

ACU Melbourne Campus, Room 4.28, Level 4, 250 Victoria Parade

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Monday 17th February

Time Programme
TimeTime9:00-9:45 ProgrammeProgrammeSarah Parkhouse (ACU)
Welcome and Introduction
TimeTime9:45-10:30 ProgrammeProgrammeVictor Counted (Western Sydney University)
‘The psychology of religion and place: Theories, research, and practice’
TimeTime10:30-10:45 ProgrammeProgrammeMorning coffee
TimeTime10:45-11:30 ProgrammeProgrammeGeorgia Curran (University of Sydney)
‘Place-based identity and shifting performance spaces for Warlpiri songs’
TimeTime11:30-12:15 ProgrammeProgrammeKiran Shinde (La Trobe) ‘The production of sacred places: views from historical geography’
TimeTime12:15-1:00 ProgrammeProgrammeJenny Spinks (University of Melbourne)
‘Locating the Devil: Sixteenth-century European missionaries and the “global” supernatural’
TimeTime1:00-2:00 ProgrammeProgrammeLunch
TimeTime2:00-3:30 ProgrammeProgrammeLen Collard (University of Western Australia)
Keynote: ‘Nyungar Placenames: Looking out from Kaart Geenunginyup Bo’
TimeTime3:30-4:00 ProgrammeProgrammeAfternoon Coffee
TimeTime4-5:00 ProgrammeProgrammeTour of architecture-award winning MacKillop chapel at ACU

Tuesday 18th February

Time Programme
Time9:00-9:45 ProgrammeGreta Hawes (Australian National University)
‘Stepping foot in Arcadia: the limits of the secular in Greek antiquity’
Time9:45-10:30 ProgrammePeter Howard (ACU)
‘The eye in motion and spatiality in the Sistine Chapel’
Time10:30-11:00 ProgrammeMorning coffee
Time11:00-11:45 ProgrammeTamara Lewit (University of Melbourne)
‘Rural communities, churches, and community resilience in the late antique Levant: an archaeological viewpoint’
Time12:00-1:00 ProgrammeMaxine Lewis (University of Auckland) (Video Presentation)
‘Where space and gender meet: feminist theories of place in Roman studies’
Time1:00-2:00 ProgrammeLunch
Time2:00-2:45 ProgrammeCarole Cusack (University of Sydney)
‘Invented, playful, and temporary: European prehistoric sacred spaces and places in the New World’
Time2:45-3:30 ProgrammeNatalie Swann (University of Melbourne) 
‘Faith in Suburbia: Christian migrants re-creating home in suburban Melbourne’
Time3:30-3:45 ProgrammeAfternoon Coffee
Time3:45-4:30 ProgrammeRebekah Pryor (University of Melbourne)
‘Dear Mr Butterfield: Letters to architects and other artistic interventions in religious space’
Time4:30-5:00 ProgrammeClosing Remarks

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