World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements

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25 September 2019

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Gleeson Auditorium, ACU Strathfield Campus

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The U.S. Embassy in Canberra and Australian Catholic University have partnered to host John Hunter presenting a special screening of the award-winning documentary World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements on Wednesday, 25 September from 6 - 8 pm at the Gleeson Auditorium, ACU Strathfield Campus. Directed by the acclaimed Chris Farina, the film interweaves the story of John Hunter, a teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his students' participation in an exercise called the World Peace Game. Over the eight weeks chronicled in the film, the film reveals how a wise, loving teacher can inspire neighbourhood school to unleash their full potential and become citizens of the world.

An African-American educated in the segregated schools of rural Virginia, where his mother was his 4th grade teacher, John Hunter was selected by his community to be one of seven students to integrate a previously all-white middle school. After graduation, he travelled extensively to China, Japan, and India, and his exposure to the Gandhian principles of nonviolence led him to ask what he could do as a teacher to work toward a more peaceful world.

John teaches the concept of peace, not as a utopian dream but as an attainable goal to strive for, and he provides his students with the tools for this effort. The children learn to collaborate and communicate with each other as they work to resolve the Game's conflicts. They learn how to compromise while accommodating different perspectives and interests. Most importantly, the students discover that they share a deep and abiding interest in taking care of each other. World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements will inspire others by documenting the unheralded work of a true peacemaker. John will be available to answer questions at the end of the screening.

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