AI vs HI: The Leaders' Dilemma

It's more than emergent; it's present.



21 February 2019

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

ACU North Sydney


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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the most powerful technology on the planet. AI’s route phone calls, curate news feeds, propose product and service offers, approve credit purchases and diagnose diseases. They outperform us at cognitive games like chess and Go, and some claim that certain forms of AI have nascent self-awareness.

The possibilities for the future are as significant as the ethical and leadership dilemma’s we face.

Will AI change the fundamental structure of employment markets, the nature of work itself? How can firms utilise AI to create competitive advantage? Will machines be able to match or even exceed human intelligence in all its myriad forms? What are the ethical implications of the decisions we will inevitably have to make about our development and deployment of AI? And how should we harness the colossal potential of AI?

Please join us together with a superb panel of scientists, technologists, business people and ethicists as we debate these and other critical leadership questions.

Panel members:

  • Bill Simpson-Young – CEO Gradient Institute
  • Dr Matthew Beard – Fellow, The Ethics Centre
  • Karl Rodrigues – Executive Director, International and National Engagement, Australian Space Agency
  • Jodie Sangster – Chief Customer Officer, IBM Watson
  • Stephen Kozicki – Managing Partner, Gordian Business

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