The School Back Office - Finding Relief Through Tech!

Picture this, you're the department head in charge of mathematics at your school and you're juggling multiple classes and tasks throughout the day when one of your teachers calls in sick - leaving your students education in jeopardy.



20 August 2019

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Peter Cosgrove Centre

Level 18 8-20 Napier Street North Sydney

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ClassCover connects schools with their chosen relief teachers in seconds, saving schools hours each day and connecting teachers to a wealth of new employment opportunities.

The topic will focus on how a Facebook status by a friend of one of ClassCover's founding members got him thinking about a problem needed to be resolved.

Guest speaker, Ben Grozier, Co-Founder, ClassCover

Ben is the co-founder of ClassCover Pty Ltd, that saves over 2200 schools and 75,000 teachers vast amounts of time and stress for schools when managing relief teaching staff.

Prior to this, he followed a varied path between teaching and business, including growing a tennis coaching company in the UK 400% in 9 months, running the Smith Family Toy and Food appeal, and teaching everyone from 5 years to high schoolers and adults in TAFE (technical college).


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