Inclusion Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to championing inclusion for people with Down syndrome across all levels and aspects of society. The Inclusion Foundation’s emotion21 program provides Australian-first, innovative dance and fitness programs for children and young adults with Down syndrome.

The benefits of the emotion21 program are wide-ranging and include health, exercise, social and self-esteem outcomes for participants. These benefits in-turn positively impact the participants’ families/carers and the community at large. We provide a supportive, fun and purposeful teaching environment where our participants thrive and where social opportunities and friendships come alive.

The role

The Program volunteer or ‘Mover’ is a support of the teacher in the class and their role is to assist the teacher to ensure each emotion21 participant is engaged, learning and participating ensuring they access the benefits of the program i.e. developing in movement skills (e.g. physical skills), experiencing the psychological benefits of the program (e.g. the joy of movement, new friendships, and power of ‘belonging’ in a community etc.) and is being encouraged to grow in the social skills that come from working in a team environment.

The role of the class mover can be likened to that of an assistant coach (with the teacher being the coach!). The mover encourages full participation from the participants in the class, believes in their potential and helps to bring out their best. Being guided by the teacher and customising your style to suit each individual’s needs, your role is to assist the participants to develop their skills to the best of their ability. You are a role model for the participants in class with your contagious enthusiasm and positivity. The teacher may assign you different roles in the class such as assisting with behaviour management of a small number of participants; one-on-one time with a particular individual who requires additional help or being a role model for the class and following the teacher’s instructions.

You demonstrate the Inclusion Foundation core values of:

  • Be proud
  • Act with kindness
  • Show courage
  • Open heart and mind
  • See the person, always

As part of the role you will:

  • Participate in training i.e. in all relevant induction and training programs, and agree not to share or sell emotion21’s intellectual property.
  • Wear the uniform i.e. prescribed footwear (black sports shoes), black pants and emotion21 t-shirt or black t-shirt (if at an event). Hair must be tied back if long and no jewellery.
  • Respect the rosters i.e. communicate any changes to your commitment that may impact the rosters on a timely basis and arrange a swap with another mover where possible if you cannot attend a shift.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to connect with the site manager, greet any participants and families waiting and report to the teacher.
  • Comply with all Government and Inclusion Foundation COVIDSafe requirements.
  • Participate in pre-class and debrief activities i.e. assist the teacher with room set-up, obtain an overview of the session, clarify expectations and participate in the end of class debrief and pack down activities.
  • Operate under the direction and supervision of nominated staff, movers and teachers.
  • Be a role model in your attitude (having fun, care, respect and learning), demonstrating the choreography, wearing the proper uniform and encouraging compliance with the class rules for each age group (e.g. dance on your feet, no touching).
  • Support our participants by using errorless learning to achieve success through helping them learn new choreography right from the start.
  • Encourage our participants to be independent and be mindful not to ‘over-assist’ which can lead to learned helplessness.
  • Support positive behaviour by focusing on and rewarding positive behaviours.
  • Modify your communication style where needed (e.g. use visual aids, sign language, eye contact, allow time to respond, short/concise sentences) to suit the learning strengths of the participant/s as directed by the teachers.
  • Support our participants at community events and concerts where your schedule allows.
  • Comply with all health and safety regulations as directed by the nominated staff/volunteer (note: all emotion21 events are non-smoking and drug/alcohol free).
  • Ensure confidentiality in accordance with policy and professional standards.

As we say at Inclusion Foundation: “Count me in!” And we would love to count you in!

How to apply

More information about requirements, dates, times, and locations for this opportunity can be found on InPlace. Students can also apply to any available opportunity directly through InPlace. For information and tools on how to use InPlace, please refer to 'Applying with InPlace' module in the Community Engagement Canvas Course.

Before applying for an opportunity please ensure:

  • You understand and will follow any COVID-safe practices as determined by ACU, the organisation offering this opportunity or the public health orders of your state.
  • You are willing to undertake further processing as required and acknowledge that your ACU email address and the information you provide in your application will be shared with the organisation that offers this opportunity. The organisation will keep your personal information confidential.
  • You have read the 'Safety and Wellbeing' module in the Community Engagement course.

Opportunities are available in line with the needs of our community partners. If this opportunity is not listed in InPlace it may not be open, it may be at capacity, or you may not be eligible.

Check InPlace


If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact ACU Engagement.

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