Special Religious Education (SRE) which was mandated by the Education Act (1990), gives parents the choice to have their children attending public schools, to be formed in the faith of their family. Catechists from a local Catholic Church are authorised and sent out each school week usually for 30 minutes, to teach children from Catholic families about Jesus and his saving message that brings hope, joy, and self-giving faithfulness and resilience in forming a Christ-like character.

The Catholic Church sees the education of Catholic children in the Faith as integral and key to its mission. The NSW Department of Education (DoE) describes SRE “as an integral part of school activities. SRE can be seen then, as part of “a well-rounded education that values and supports the intellectual, creative, physical, social and emotional development of each child".

Catholic SRE teaching programs are approved by the Bishop of the Diocese in liaison with educational experts, for use by Scripture Teachers. Programs contain suitable lessons for children from Kindergarten to Year 6 and there are a variety of programs for Secondary Schools students as well.

Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers are volunteers who are approved, authorised and trained by the local parish and Dioceses of the Catholic Church. SRE can only be provided by a religious group approved by the Department of Education. The Catholic Church is an approved provider. 

Helpers are valuable volunteers who assist an SRE teacher in the classroom.

The Main Tasks of an SRE teacher are:

  • To teach the Faith - We teach the truths taught to us by Christ. A summary of these are listed in the Creed.
  • To educate the children about the liturgy - We form the minds of our students to pray and to receive the sacraments.
  • To show the children how to follow Christ - We teach the values that Christ taught us to follow in order that we may be happy.
  • To teach the children how to pray - Since we can only have a close relationship with Christ if we talk to Him, we must teach our students how to pray and why we pray.
  • To pray for those we teach.

The role

  • Be a living witness of Christ and a witness of God’s love.
  • Faithfully share the teachings of Christ as handed on by the successors to the Apostles, our Bishops, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Adapt to the needs of students.
  • Exercise due care for the safety and good behaviour of students in your care.
  • Cooperate willingly with the parish priest, CCD and ACU in fulfilling your duties.
  • Attend training workshops and opportunities in classroom management, safeguarding and use of the approved curriculum.
  • Use the authorised curriculum programs and support resources.

How to apply

More information about requirements, dates, times, and locations for this opportunity can be found on InPlace. Students can also apply to any available opportunity directly through InPlace. For information and tools on how to use InPlace, please refer to 'Applying with InPlace' module in the Community Engagement Canvas Course.

Before applying for an opportunity please ensure:

  • You understand and will follow any COVID-safe practices as determined by ACU, the organisation offering this opportunity or the public health orders of your state.
  • You are willing to undertake further processing as required and acknowledge that your ACU email address and the information you provide in your application will be shared with the organisation that offers this opportunity. The organisation will keep your personal information confidential.
  • You have read the 'Safety and Wellbeing' module in the Community Engagement course.

Opportunities are available in line with the needs of our community partners. If this opportunity is not listed in InPlace it may not be open, it may be at capacity, or you may not be eligible.

Check InPlace


If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact ACU Engagement.

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