Research ethics, integrity and compliance

Our researchers understand they hold a privileged position; their work has great potential to benefit individuals and society. As such, we have a duty to conduct research to the highest standards. Our research ethics, integrity and compliance frameworks ensure that research is conducted responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with all relevant codes, guidelines and legislation.

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Our researchers focus on creating positive impact in an ecosystem that supports the highest ethical standards and integrity. We apply national and internal codes of conduct to our work as commitment to ethical research, conducted with integrity.

Research ethics

Research ethics refers to ethical conduct in research, as well as the protection of research participants. Ethics approval is required for all research involving people, personal data, and human tissue, as well as research involving animals. Find out more about the ethics approval process, and how we support our researchers and students in conducting research to the highest ethical standards.

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Security and integrity

ACU research security and integrity

Research integrity

Research integrity refers to adherence with a set of principles that underpin responsible conduct in research. Our research integrity framework provides a foundation for research that is accurate, honest and transparent, and ensures community trust in our research. For more information, email our research integrity team.

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Defence trade controls

We regularly partner with universities, governments and private industry outside of Australia to meet our research objectives. In doing so, we comply with the Defence Trade Controls Act (2012) to ensure that we protect Australia's national interests without limiting our research.

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Research reporting

Our researchers report their publications for the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission and for ACU’s internal reporting requirements.

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Research contracts

Our contracts team helps our researchers work through grant and non-grant research agreements, agreements related to research students, and more.

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Contact ACU Research

Contact our team to find out more about our policies, procedures, and work in the areas of research ethics, integrity, and compliance.

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Research policies

Our research policies outline the processes and procedures our researchers comply with to ensure we act ethically and with integrity in our activities.

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