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Tanya Kendall, Bachelor of Commerce - Finishing with a flourish

Tanya Kendall with fellow graduates after successfully completing her Bachelor of Commerce.

A rewarding end to their studies for thousands of students who are graduating at autumn ceremonies across ACU campuses.

If you can add and subtract, you can become an accountant, was the worldly advice ringing in Tanya Kendall’s ears when she enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce and chose to major in accounting.

What she hadn’t calculated on was the level of strategic planning that was built into the course allowing students to develop astute skills to navigate the business world.

“I was quite surprised at the fact that an accounting degree involves a more strategic approach to business than the ‘grass roots’ level processing than I was expecting,” Tanya said.

Tanya is one of almost 5,000 students eligible to graduate at ACU’s Autumn Graduation ceremonies in Brisbane, Melbourne, Ballarat, Canberra and Sydney to mark their graduation from one of the University’s four faculties: Education and Arts, Health Sciences, Law and Business, and Theology and Philosophy.

Hard work and practical training have paid off for Tanya who was honoured on the Dean’s List 2012 and 2013 and was quickly snapped up for a two-year Finance Graduate role with Suncorp where she started work in February. She is among the 93 per cent of ACU students who find a job within only a few months of finishing their degree.

“I feel as though my dedication to my studies, evidenced by my strong academic results, contributed to my success in this endeavor,” Tanya said. “The education that I received through ACU has certainly strengthened my business acumen and prepared me for the demands of the corporate world.”

ACU’s Brisbane Campus in Banyo was an easy distance from her home, making life juggling study and family responsibilities more manageable. While the campus and facilities are sizeable, the small classes and friendly atmosphere were among the attractions of the university for Tanya, as was the compulsory community engagement component of the University’s core curriculum that saw her join the St Vincent De Paul Buddies Day program.

“I was thrilled with the level of support that was offered by the lecturers at the university. I built a great rapport with all of them, found them all extremely approachable and willing to help and provide advice and guidance as needed. I regard them all as friends.”

Graduation has given her a moment to reflect on the years of hard work and rewards she is now reaping as she focuses on the next challenges of her career, and she considers advice she might give new students starting out.

“If you are going to make the commitment to study at a tertiary level then ensure you have a great network of support people around you (at home AND at university). “Make the most of every opportunity. Learn all you can from everyone that you can and ensure you give it your best shot. If you’re going to do this, then do it right. Success is the only option!”

In ACU’s 25th year, the University has grown and expanded to accommodate the changing needs of its students and the workplace they will enter when they finish their studies.

Many return to pursue further studies as they seek greater career opportunities, professional development and personal challenges.