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Industry Engagement for Business Postgraduate Elective

A key area of study for the School of Business Postgraduate Elective, MGMT 627 Project Management is Project Management Career paths.

To enhance the student experience, Professor John Sturdy invited Ms Stacie Grassino Senior Project Manager for IntelFuse to present her experience and thoughts on Project Management as a Career path.

Stacie’s career path is typical of a Project manager, starting her career as a professional /technical specialist and moved into project management as her career flourished and grew. This led to bigger and better opportunities locally, nationally and now internationally in Australia with Intel Fuse.

Her qualifications and professional memberships/accreditation and on the job experience have supported her career growth.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Environmental Science (East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Master of Science Degree in Plant and Soil Science (Entomology) (University of Vermont, USA)


  • ISA Certified Arborist PD1954
  • ISA Utility Specialist
  • PMP

Pivotal points of the presentation

Maintain the Scope, Schedule, and Budget via the following:
  • Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Documenting
  • Reporting

This supported ACU’s lecturer schedule and highlighted the alignment of the course program with students potential career growth and employment opportunities in the future. The students were thoroughly engaged during the presentation and the questions raised at the conclusion highlighted the value of direct engagement with industry leaders.

Industry Engagement for Business Postgraduate Elective

To conclude the session Associate Professor Nasir Butrous, Deputy Head of School, School of Business (Melbourne) presented Stacie a token of appreciation.