Law and Business

Business Units Approved for Uni Step Up

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) recently approved two units from the Faculty of Law and Business to be offered as Uni Step Up programs from 2015. These are ACCT 100 Principles of Accounting and LEGL 101 Introduction to Business Law.

Uni Step Up is a scheme administered by Equity Pathways (EP) to EP Partner Schools. It is a HEPPP funded initiative. Secondary students are offered two first-year university units which will equate to a full Year 12 subject. Students are not required to pay HECS fees on these units if studied as part of their Year 12. In addition, successful completion of the units:

  • contributes to the student’s ATAR as a fifth or sixth subject
  • is cited on the student’s VCE certificate
  • earns full credit towards the degree course at university.

Information about all Uni Step Up units on offer for 2015 can be found on the Equity Pathways website. There are also two units from the School of Nursing, the School of Exercise Science and the Faculty of Education and Arts. We will be sending information to all partner schools imminently, inviting them to participate in the program for 2015.