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First Edition of CeDDR Seminar Series 2016

The Centre for Disability and Development Research (CeDDR) hosted the first edition of its seminar series for 2016 at the St Patrick’s campus (Melbourne) of the Australian Catholic University (ACU). CeDDR seminars provide an opportunity for collaborating researchers to showcase their current work and to invite evaluation and feedback on aspects of their projects. Throughout the year, the seminars hope to build on existing knowledge and experiences on disability and development research across multiple health disciplines.

Presenters of this first seminar included Professor Christine Imms, CeDDR Director (ACU); Professor Peter Wilson, CeDDR Co-Director (ACU), and the CeDDR Professorial Leadership group: Professor Bert Steenbergen from Radboud University (Netherlands), Professor Mats Granlund from Jonkoping University (Sweden) and Professor Peter Rosenbaum from McMaster University (Canada).

Please follow the links for each speaker to hear more. Each video seminar file is accompanied by the speaker’s PowerPoint slides.

Christine Imms

Professor Christine Imms

Director of CeDDR and Professor of Occupational Therapy at ACU, Professor Christine Imms, provides an introduction to the newly formed research centre and explains the overall objectives, research themes and programs, and the general structure of CeDDR.

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Peter Wilson

Professor Peter Wilson

Co-Director of CeDDR and ACU Developmental Psychologist, Professor Peter Wilson concludes by unifying the overarching themes and the conceptual framework for CeDDR. Professor Wilson challenges the contemporary understandings of Participation interventions and describes the way forward for CeDDR as a multi-disciplinary and collaborative research centre.

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Bert Steenbergen

Professor Bert Steenbergen

Professorial Leadership Group member of CeDDR, Professor Bert Steenbergen from Radboud University in the Netherlands, describes his most recent work in linking fundamental research (such as EEG) to applied research in the field of childhood onset disabilities in ultimately improving treatment and participation for children.

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Mats Granlund

Professor Mats Granlund

Visiting Professor to ACU, Professor Mats Granlund from the CHILD research group at Jonkoping University in Sweden, frames participation as a process which not only entails attendance, but also involvement. The outcomes of participation are therefore dependent on the social and cultural contexts, preferences of activities and the social environment.

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Peter Rosenbaum

Professor Peter Rosenbaum

Visiting Professorial Fellow to ACU, Professor Peter Rosenbaum of McMaster University in Canada, shares his Paediatric clinical and research expertise to advocate for family involvement in childhood-onset disability research. Professor Rosenbaum highlights the importance of engaging with families for effective knowledge translation and enhancing family wellbeing.

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