Education and Arts

Paper Presentations

Information on travel to the Strathfield campus is available here. A map of the campus can be viewed or printed from here.

The following schedule of paper presentations is subject to change.


MORNING, 9:15 - 10:15 am, 24 July

Seminar Room TS01: Art and Identity, chair Jeannette Siebols

9:15    Margot Hillel, Art, Spirituality, Identity and the Sacred in a Catholic University

9:45    Daniel Dominguez, Translating the Absolute into a Relative Form: Making the Sacred Tangible through Figurative Sculpture

Seminar Room TS02: Storying, chair Debra Phillips

9:15    Caroline Josephs, The Sacred Liminal - through Art, Oral Storytelling

9:45    Jo Anne Rey, Country Grounding the Sacred: Women's Storying on Dharug Country

Seminar Room TS03: The Transcendent in Music, chair Clare Johnson

9:15    Clare Maclean, Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land

9:45    Marie Therese Levey rsj, Lead Up to the First Musical Cycles of the Ordinary of the Mass

Seminar Room TS05: The Sacred in Life, chair Vivien Cinque

9:15    Christine Williams, Grounding the Sacred; the Core of Jiddu Krishnamurti's Philosophy

9:45    Julie Hawkins, Ecological Speculative Fiction: an Approach to Integrating the Sacred into Life

AFTERNOON 1:15 - 3:15, 24 July

Seminar Room TS01: Art and the Sacred, chair Joanna Osborne

1:15    Angela McCarthy, Belief in the Sacred  'Other' and its Expression in the Arts

1:45    Rebekah Pryor, Sacred Bodies, Sacred Spaces

2:15    Jane Slade, Folding the Sacred

2:45    Janis Lander, A Global Perspective on Representations of Spiritual Experiences in Visual Art

Seminar Room TS02: Sacred Practice, chair Diane Cousins

1:15    Debra Phillips, The Bloom Project: a Yarn-Storming Installation at North Sydney

1:45    Renee Pettitt-Schipp, Laughing in One Language - 3 Years in the Indian Ocean Territories

2:15    Glenys Livingstone, PaGaian Cosmology: a Poetic Sacred Practice

2:45    Mrinali Clarke, The Sacred Songs of the Soul by Sri Chinmoy

Seminar Room TS03: Literature and the Sacred, chair Karen Lamb

1:15    Robert Tilley, 'To Look and Make It So': The Language of Being in the Poetry of Stephen Edgar

1:45    Susan Holoubek, Interrogating False Notions of the Sacred through the Writing Journey

2:15    Thomas Westenberg, Ford's Christ: Salvation and Persecution in the Parade's End Tetralogy

2:45     Kim White, Seeking the Sacred in the Rubble of Church and World: Archaeologies and Emblems of Faith in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.


MORNING 9:00 - 10:30 am, 25 July

Seminar Room TS01: Children's Literature, Religion and Faith, chair Dale Lowe

9:00    Elisha McIntyre, Obedience versus Forgiveness: Encouraging Morman Religious Commitment in Children's Literature and The Not Even Once Club

9:30    Robin Morrow, Sacred Ground or Minefield? Probing for Representations of Faith in Contemporary Australian Children's Books

10:00   Nadia Wheatley, Flight: Translating an Ancient Story into a Contemporary Fable that Provides a Common Ground for People of Different Faiths

Seminar Room TS02: Spiritual Wellbeing, chair Anita Callaway

9:00    Matthew Armstrong, Exploring the North Star of PATH

9:30    Libby Byrne, Grounded in the Sacred

10:00   Catherine M Anderson, Experiencing the Sacred: A Theological Reflection on a Drawing of the Good Samaritan by a Woman Living with an Intellectual Disability

Seminar Room TS03: Revelation in Sound, Symbols and Beauty, chair Recep Dogan

9:00 Chloe A Gill-Khan, The Sacred Drive in Spiritual and Secular Thought

9:30    Christopher E Longhurst, Aesthetic Bearings of Kalam Allah: Grounding Islam's Divine Revelation in Sounds and Letters

10:00  Sumaya Durrani: Artist as Witness to the Unveiling of the Sacred

Seminar Room TS05: Poetry, Pilgrimage and Prayer, chair Jennifer Carpenter

9:00    Cyril L Caspar, The Last Pilgrimage: a Grasp of the Early Modern Afterlife in the Poetry of Sir Walter Raleigh and George Herbert

9:30    Tom Burton, Poetry as Prayer: George Herbert, William Barnes, and the Struggle to Accept the Will of God

10:00   Cheryl Taylor, George Herbert's Poetry: 'A Condition of Complete Simplicity'?

EARLY AFTERNOON, 1:00 - 2:00 PM, 25 July

Seminar Room TS01: The Material and the Divine, chair Angela McCarthy

1:00    Joanna Osborne, A Theology of Wonder in Minor Encounters and the painter/poet Joanna Margaret Paul

1:30    Recep Dogan, The Soul's Need to Connect with God through the Langauge of Art: Analysis from an Islamic Perspective

Seminar Room TS02: Encountering God in Art and Literature, chair Dale Lowe

1:00    Joanna Toohey, What do Children Understand When They Look at Religious Artworks?

1:30     Chris Beal, Making the Sacred Tangible: a Theological Reflection on the Writings of Tim Winton

Seminar Room TS03: Embodying the Sacred in Music, chair Clare Johnson

1:00 - 2:00 Roger Hillman, Audible Stained Glass: Setting the Roman Liturgy to Music

Seminar Room TS05: Women's Journeying, chair Susan Pyke

1:00    Diane Cousins, The Idea of the Journey in Women's Spiritual Writing

1:30    Madeleine Bendixen, Female Metamorphosis and the Sacred

MID AFTERNOON, 3:30 - 4:30, 25 July 

Seminar Room TS01: The Camera, Nothingness and Being, chair Lachlan Warner

3:30    Julian T Horder, On the Fields of Nihility in the Works of L Gantzias

4:00    Sam Lloyd, The Artist, the Camera, and the Window into Heaven

Seminar Room TS02: Self-growth and Improvisation, chair Alison Jasper

3:30    Christine Hsiu-Chin Chou, The Sacred Space Within: a Study of Psychology of Religion through C S Lewis's Mythic Novel, Till We Have Faces

4:00    Randy Fertel, Improvisation as 'Spilt Religion'

Seminar Room TS03: Words and Music, chair Maeve Heaney

3:30    Tony Brennan, Poetry Trumps Theology

4:00    Alexander Westenberg, The Life of Man

Seminar Room TS05: Poetry and the Sacred, chair Toby Davidson

3:30    Rebecca Law, The Sacred  Word: the practice of prayer, contemplation and the path to spiritual well-being 

4:00    Carolyn Masel, Reading Lyric Poetry: Approaching the Sacred through the Inner Ear


MORNING, 10:30 - 12:00,  26 July

Seminar Room TS01: Creativity and Being, chair Jeannette Siebols

10:30   Joseph Angert-Quilter, The Creativity of the Forgiven Self

11:00   Corinne Loxton, Drifting Into and Beyond the Everyday: Exploring the Drifting Aesthetic in the Landscape Paintings of Corinne Loxton and the Poetry of Mary Oliver

11:30   Hayley Kroschel, God, the Ultimate Creator

Seminar Room TS02: Situating the Sacred, chair Stephen Downs

10:30   Michael Griffith, Grounding the Sacred in a Grain of Sand: William Blake, David Malouf and Brett Whiteley

11:00   Patrick Laude, Sacred Ways in Literature and the Arts: Louis Massignon (1883-1962) and Titus Burckhardt (1908-1984)

11:30   Ray Younis, On the Ontology of the Sacred

Seminar Room TS03: Meaning in the Arts and Experience, chair Jennifer Carpenter

10:30   Anita Callaway, Faith Finding Meaning in Art: Making the Invisible Visible

11:00   Christine Gilbert, Sacred Encounters: Multi-Sensory Engagements in Spiritual Practice

11:30   Anne Jackson, Understanding Human Experience

Seminar Room TS05: Literary Flights, Doubts and Grounded Dignity, chair Susan Holoubek

10:30   Susan Pyke, Divine Wings: Literary Flights Between the 'Mute' Avian in Emily Bronte's Poems and the Swan Song of Alexis Wright

11:00  Lachlan Brown, Always Falling off the Mountain: Faith and Doubt in Luke Carman's An Elegant Young Man

11:30   David Kirchhoffer, 'The Others are Just Literature': Grounding Human Dignity in David Malouf's Johnno

EARLY AFTERNOON, 12:45 - 1:45 pm, 26 July

Seminar Room TS01: Literary Remembrance, chair Chloe Gill-Khan

12:45   Erin Claringbold, Magpies or Muezzins? Restoring the Sacred in Depictions of the Muslim Cameleers

1:15    Toby Davidson, Side-stepping the Secular in Commemorative Sites of Australian Writing

Seminar Room TS02: Making the Australian Sacred Tangible, chair Christine Gilbert

12:45   Charles Rue, Inserting a Season of Creation into the Catholic Liturgical Season

1:15    Patricia Stone, Developing an Australian Identity in Anglican Church Embroidery

Seminar Room TS03: Early Texts, chair Robert Tilley

12:45   Gareth Wearne, Expressing the Ineffable: The Use of Divine Epithets in the Dead Sea Scrolls

1:15    Marty Feltham, Grounding the Sacred through Liturgy - 1 Timothy 2:1-7 as a Creative Intertextual Reworking of Identity and Worship

Seminar Room TS05: Grace and Experience, chair Alison Jasper

12:45   Jennifer Carpenter, Grounding Grace as a Bodily Experience in Thirteenth Century Saints' Lives

1:15    Julieta Mallari, John Donne's 'Holy Sonnets': Spiritual Experience in Poetry