Education and Arts



Rosemary Crumlin OAM, The Half-Opened Door 

Kevin Hart, Poetry and the Sacred

Amanda Lohrey, The Religious Novel: Is It Possible?


Robert Adamson, Kevin Hart, Anthony Lawrence, Amanda Lohrey


Kevin Hart, Angela McCarthy, Dermot Nestor


Anne Benjamin Tanka and the Sacred: Exploring Mystery in Miniature

Tracey Sanders The Sacred and the Aesthetic Self: Unpacking the Sacred Through Dramatic Action

Susan Murphy The Koan of Planetary Crisis


Jason Archbold, Christ and the Count - Sacred Rituals in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Lachlan Brown, The Edges of Belief in an Age of Post-belief: Charles Wright, John Burnside and Kevin Hart

Lynn Brunet, A Sheffield Dreaming: Celtic Lore, Mummers' Plays and Initiatory Rites in the Art of Peter Booth

Katharine Buljan, On Sacredness in Sacred Seven Anime

Carmel Byrne, Search for the Sacred: The Emergence of Modern Abstract Art

Grace Carroll, Getting the Message Through: Christian Waller's Printed Books

James Charlton, The Immanence of Transcendence: Thomas Traherne's Non-dual Sacred Vision

Josie Cirocco, Spirituality for HeARTful Souls

Mrinali Clarke, The Sacred Journey: The Ever-Transcending Quest in the Poetry of Sri Chinmoy

Patrick Condliffe, B. Wongar: Dreaming Profanely or Writing the Indigenous Sublime?

James Cooper, Profoundly Profane: Tracing the Sacred in the Writing of Flannery O'Connor

Doru Costache, Musical Analogies in the Alexandrine Tradition: Clement and St Athanasius

Jim Cregan, Landscape Design through the Lens of Christian Faith: the Garden of Eden, the Resurrection and the Unresolved Space

Sarah Curtis, The Romantic Incline of Keswick Aesthetics in Women Artist Missionaries

Sarah Dowling, 'Captain's Dog' / 'Heaven's Eel': From 'the Idea of God' to 'the Invisible' in the Poetry of Charles Wright

Anne Elvey, Retrieving an Earth Voice: Ecological Hermeneutics, the Matter of the Text and Reading 'as if it's holy'

Neil Ferguson, Thinking Theology Through Practice

Kathryn Hamann, In the Eye of the Beholder does Truth Lie?

Roseanne Hawke, Faith-informed Fiction: How I Write

Maeve Heaney, Creative Tensions: The Presence of the Sacred in Composing Music

Anne Jackson, Between Bone and Marrow: Exploring No-Space

Patrick Kavanagh, The Presence of the Sacred in the World in the Understanding of St Thomas Aquinas

Yael Klangwisan, Marc Chagall's Song of Songs

Anthony Lawrence, Ebb and Flow: Celebrating the Sacred in Poetry through Physical and Mental Engagement

Geoffrey Lilburne, Pathways of Faith: the Poetry of James McAuley, Les Murray and Kevin Hart

Nathan Lyons, Addressing the 'Dark One': Apophatic Theology in the Poetry of Kevin Hart

Carolyn Masel, Like the Language of Trees: Reimagining the Sacred in Vincent Buckley's Poetry

Walter Mason, Living with the Lama: Tuesday Lobsang Rampa's Sacred Fantasies of Tibet

Angela McCarthy, Visual Language and the Religious Aesthetic in the 21st Century

Julian Murphy, Reimagining the Sacred in the Creative Practice of Oscar Perry

Leyla Rasouli Narimani, Imagery in Manichean Literature; an Example from Middle Persian Texts

Fiona Pfennigwerth, Visualising Blessing in John's Gospel

Debra Phillips, In God's House There Are Many Rooms

Stephanie Rocke, Sacred Matamorphosis: Concert Masses in the (Later) Twentieth Century

Nicolette Stasko, Dwelling in the Shape of Things: The Sacred Spaces of Poetry

Jeff Stewart, The Everyday Moment in Writing and Making Art

Mark Stone, The Singing Reed: On Rumi, Storytelling and the Sacred

Anna Taylor, The Catholic Modernist Crisis in the Work of Umberto Boccioni

Therese Taylor, Box of Secrets - the Ossuary of Saint James

Paul Walsh, On the Principles of Sacred Art and Architecture