Education and Arts

Paper Presentations 3 August

The following schedule of paper presentations is subject to change. For full paper titles, refer to the list of speakers.

MORNING, 9:30 - 10:30 am

Sacred Design - Seminar Room TS1 Chair: Anne Elvey

9:30  Jim Cregan, Landscape Design through the Lens of Christian Faith

10:00 Paul Walsh, On the Principles of Sacred Art and Architecture

Rewriting the Sacred - Seminar Room TS2 Chair: Jason Archbold

9:30   Patrick Condliffe, B. Wongar

10:00  Walter Mason, Living with the Lama

Evoking the Sacred: Ancient and Modern - Seminar Room TS3 Chair: Katharine Buljan

10:00  Leyla Rasouli Narimani, Imagery in Manichean Literature

10:30  Mrinali Clarke, The Sacred Journey

Music and the Sacred - Seminar Room TS5 Chair: Elaine Lindsay

10:00  Maeve Heaney, Creative Tensions

10:30  Stephanie Rocke, Sacred Metamorphosis

PRE-LUNCH, 11:00 - 1:00 pm

Sacred and Profane - Seminar Room TS1 Chair: Patrick Condliffe

11:00  James Cooper, Profoundly Profane

11:30   Anne Jackson, Bone and Marrow

12:00  Jason Archbold, Christ and the Count

12:30  Katharine Buljan, On Sacredness in Sacred Seven Anime

Poetry and the Transcendent - Seminar Room TS2 Chair: Carolyn Masel

11:00  James Charlton, The Immanence of Transcendence

11:30   Lachlan Brown, The Edges of Belief in an Age of Post-belief

12:00  Sarah Dowling, 'Captain Dog' / 'Heaven's Eel'

12:30  Nathan Lyons, Addressing the 'Dark One'

Writing and Making the Sacred - Seminar Room TS3 Chair: Yael Klangwisan

11:00  Roseanne Hawke, Faith-informed Fiction

11:30  Kathryn Hamann, In the Eye of the Beholder does Truth Lie?

12:00  Debra Phillips, In God's House There Are Many Rooms

12:30  Jeff Stewart, The Everyday Moment in Writing and Making Art

The Sacred in Art History and Poetry - Seminar Room TS5 Chair: Grace Carroll

11:00  Sarah Curtis, The Romantic Incline of Keswick Aesthetics in Women Artist Missionaries

11:30  Carmel Byrne, Search for the Sacred

12:00  Therese Taylor, Box of Secrets - the Ossuary of Saint James

12:30  Geoffrey Lilburne, Pathways of Faith: the Poetry of James McAuley, Les Murray and Kevin Hart

AFTERNOON, 2:40 - 4:40 pm

Theology and the Sacred - Seminar Room TS1 Chair: Dermot Nestor

2:40  Anne Elvey, Retrieving an Earth Voice

3:10   Patrick Kavanagh, The Presence of the Sacred in the World and Understanding of St Thomas Aquinas

3:40  Doru Coustache, Musical Analogies in the Alexandrine Tradition

4:10  Neil Ferguson, Thinking Theology through Practice

Poetry the the Sacred - Seminar Room TS2 Chair: Sarah Dowling

2:40  Mark Stone, The Singing Reed

3:10   Anthony Lawrence, Ebb and Flow

3:40  Nicolette Stasko, Dwelling in the Shape of Things

4:10  Carolyn Masel, Like the Language of Trees

Expressing a Religious Aesthetic - Seminar Room TS3 Chair: James Cregan

2:40  Fiona Pfennigwerth, Visualising Blessing in John's Gospel

3:10   Josie Cirocco, Spirituality for HeARTful Souls

3:40  Yael Klangwisan, Marc Chagall's Song of Songs

4:10  Angela McCarthy, Visual Language and the Religious Aesthetic in the 21st Century

The Sacred in Contemporary Art - Seminar Room TS5 Chair: Sarah Curtis

2:40  Grace Carroll, Getting the Message Through

3:10   Lynn Brunet, A Sheffield Dreaming

3:40  Anna Taylor, Rereading 'Materia'

4:10  Julian Murphy, Reimaginging the Sacred in the Creative Practice of Oscar Perry